Coaching your very own little league team at the local baseball association.  First thing that needs to happen is you must have a team meeting to tell all the parents what their child needs to have before the first practice begins.  For starters every player must have a pair of baseball cleats.  Second all players need to be dressed in baseball pants with a t-shirt  one without buttons or a collar.  They  must also give their child with the proper size glove to wear.  Last always send your player to practice with something to drink such as water or Gatorade.  No Sodas!  Inform the parents that you are the coach of the team and would love to have any of the parents volunteer to help.  I would pick one of the moms as the team mom this person is the on the does all the work on the other side of  fence hing the baseball team.  Such as problems with the kids, drink tickets, fundraisers, etc.  This will alway get you off on the right foot and remember that you will never be able to make everyone on the team happy.

      On the first day of practice make sure that everyone is on time and has all of there equipment with them.  If they don't then they need to sit out during practice because the last thing that you want to do is get a child hurt on the first day.  Then have all the players take a knee while you talk to them and let them know that when the coach is speaking they must all be taking a knee and listen.  Come up with a team captain preferably 2 players would be best.  Make it a habit to rotate captains every week other wise their will be problems with the one player that has never been a captain before.  First of all everybody needs to stretch before they even pickup a baseball this is mandatory for all levels of baseball.  Once a muscle is strained it is very hard for a child to fully recover from them.  Make sure that they all are stretching really good and that they are all doing the same stretch at the same time. 

        When done the next thing that you want for them to do is pick a partner to play catch with.  When starting this drill make sure that everyone is in  line with the player next to them.  Without using your glove gently underhand the ball to your partner easily.  If everyone catches on rather quickly have one partner take 5 steps back and continue the drill but this time you will want for them to use their glove.  Next you will want them to roll the ball to each other trying to make the baseball bounce a couple of times before your partner catches the ball.  Work on this for the first couple of practices because you don't want to put a kid out on the field that is unable to catch a ball that is hit to them.  This lesson should help you as you build up your first little league team.  Stay tuned for the second volume of Coaching Little League Baseball.  Thanks