The holiday season is almost upon us and eager customers are buying things everywhere. Gaming fans who love the battlefield franchise will love this nice sleek case for Iphone 4. If you are looking to stock your electronic store with the latest phone gadget come this summer holiday this should be a choice accessory to go with your Iphone gadget as the battlefield franchise is a very hot one.



iphone 4s caseCredit: razer

The franchise so far has sold over 10 million copies worldwide and there is a rumour ging round  that the next iteration of the game (Battlefield 3) already has a preorder of over 1 million copies on it as of this very moment. This means that the game will sell well when it releases on October 25th this year. Like the Call of Duty games the Battlefield franchise is one of the top-selling first-person shooter action games in the market. The game which is being developed by DICE and marketed by Electronic Arts (EA) is looking to set the gaming world ablaze when it launches at the later part of next month.



The Special Edition Battlefield 3 case will go on sale this month—October 25, at the same time the Battlefield 3 game will be released in the United States as well as the EU countries. The game will be released on all major platforms namely; PlayStation 3 (PS 3), Xbox360 and the PC platform. The current price listing for the case is $19.99 (USD). Whether there will be a new case for the Iphone 4S or Iphone 5 version when it releases next year (that is if Apple decides to release the Iphone five next year) is yet to be known. But for now the Battlefield 3 case for Iphone 4 is looking to be an attractive choice for the fans of the Battlefield franchise and most especially to those of the eagerly anticipated Battlefield 3 game.



razer iphone 4 caseCredit: razer

This special protection case for the Iphone 4 is a special design  by Razer and sold on Razer store. The heavy-duty protection case was designed out of industrial-strength Silicone material. With its military look and toughness the rubberized designed material will ensure that ‘your beloved Smartphone stays firmly in your grip even in the thick of battle.’



All in all the Battlefield 3 Iphone 4 case is a nice piece of accessory that most fans of the franchise will love to use to encase their beloved Iphone 4. And for the price of $19.99 (USD) it’s likely to sell well to hardcore fans of the Battlefield franchise. So if you are looking to stock it and start selling before the game launches next month then you should hurry and head straight to the Razer store where you can make your order and get your stock on time to start selling before it is too late.