From almost any man's experience, it seems the most important space in a home to a female is…….the closet.  For a while, it seemed like I heard about the need for closet organization on a daily basis from my wife, and I'm not kidding.  So after getting the proverbial hint, I broke down and began my search for closet sanity.  There are of course several things to take into consideration when customozing a closet.  The first being the overall aesthetics of the design.  It has to look good.  Nobody likes an eye sore even if it's functional.  Secondly, it has to be just that, functional.  It's important to take into consideration what's needed functionally out of the closet space.  What types of garments will be displayed and how?  Meaning, if you live in Costa Rica, there's probably not much of a need for winter wear.  It does come in handy once in a while, but it doesn't need to be the easiest of all the seasonal wear to get to.  In our case, for the most part, my wife needed space for hangable items and shoes, shoes and more shoes.  Third, it's vital to take into consideration the dimensioal space.  How much closet space is there and how can it be optimized dimensionally.  Fourth, which to the vast majority is the most important of all things to consider, price.  The closet system has to be affordable and within a budget.  After taking all this into consideration and doing some diligent research I finally landed on the Allen Roth Closet line, here's why.



The Allen Roth Closet line comes in a variety of shapes and sizes.  From cappuccino to traditional white, Allen Roth provides a decent pallet for closet overhauls.  They also offer kits with pre-engineered layouts to help out those that are aesthetically handicapped.  Allen Roth Closets are made from hardwoods and hand-selected premium wood veneers giving them an expensive look at an great price.



The great thing about this closet line is that you can go in two separate directions in regards to functionality.  If you're inclined to go at it on your own, you can.  Allen Roth Closets are extremely customizable.  From shelves to towers to expandable chrome closet poles and sliding wood drawers, you can build your own to suit individual needs.  However, if you'd like to leave the guess work out they also offer kits with prearranged layouts to make installation a breeze.



Closets come in all shapes and sizes.  Of course for the ladies bigger is better, but whatever the size of your closet, Allen Roth Closets can fill the space with vast amounts of storage.  Also within the shelve spaces themselves, Allen Roth offers baskets and storage totes to make the most out of those individual spaces.



When your working on a budget it's easy to go overboard.  The great thing about Allen Roth Closets is that your budget can go much farther than you imagined.  Being that this is a Lowes exclusive line, they've been able to cut cost dramatically.  Starting price for a popular comparable line, California Closets, is close to $1000.  For the Allen Roth Closet line your looking at around $330.00 not including tax for their pre-designed Wood Closet Kit.  Pretty decent savings for a DIY'er.  


The Allen Roth Closet line is versatile, attractive and easy to install.  It's recieved 4 and 5 star reviews from a large number of consumers, which is great.  But perhaps the best part is, its afforadable.  So when you're done, having saved so much money, you can take the excess and spend it on some new apparel or ......sigh, shoes….. Happy DIYing!


If you've had this or any other closet line installed in your home, please leave me a comment and let me know your thoughts!