Many people are allergic to their favorite member of the family, their dogs. A allergy to a dog can develop at any time in your life. It is important that you recognize if you are allergic to your dog so you can learn to cope with it and stop being miserable in your own home

A lot of useful information can be found online about coping with an allergic reaction to dogs. The primary cause of this allergy is allergens that dogs release into the air and otherwise. An allergen is a substance that is usually considered harmless that a person can develop a strong hypersensitivity to at any point in their life. These allergens are usually made up of certain proteins found in a dogs dander or saliva. Dander is a material shed from the skin or body of several different kinds of animals, usually mammals. It is usually made up of scales of dried skin and can often be an allergen for most people. It is important to remember that it is the dog's dander you are allergic to and not their hair. It can still be common to be allergic to hairless breeds of dog, because they still shed dander in the air.

However, some breeds of dogs are considered hypoallergenic. Or a breed of dog that is considered more compatible for persons who have an allergic reaction to dogs. How your allergy will react to a certain breed of dog varies from person to person however. So research is required to discover which breeds of dog you would be more compatible with. Breeds that shed less often are usually considered more hypoallergenic than breeds that shed often. Like I said earlier the allergy has nothing to do with the hair, but instead that the dander and saliva stick to the hair more readily rather than being openly released into the environment to settle on the surfaces in your home. Most dust in your home is infact dead skin cells, dander, of both the members of your family and your pets.

Researches have shown that dogs that are bathed often, atleast twice a week, release very few allergens in the air. This can even cut the allergens released down to practically nothing, virtually eliminating your allergy. It is also recommended to clean the house often. This includes both vacuuming and dusting. It is also important to remember that even though a pet owner who is normally shows an allergic reaction to dogs can handle living with a certain breed of dog does not necessarily mean this certain breed of dog is hypoallergenic.