The cat is easily one of the most loved pets in the world. Very many households have several, simply because the cat is such a great pet. Unfortunately many people suffer from allergies to cats. It is estimated that this is one of the most widespread allergies in humans. Most statistical data shows this. Allergies to cats is definitely one of the things in this world that we could do without.

If you are allergic to cats you should do plenty of research to discover a method of dealing with your allergy to cats. One method many people take is to get rid of their cat and if your like me then you definitely don't want to do that.

These allergies are usually produced by one thing: dander. Dander is dead skin that sheds off of cats. It comes off in small flakes. This is not unlike dandruff, which is nothing but human dander off of the top of our heads. These allergic reactions, such as itchy skin, and other symptoms to cats are caused when this dander gets into your immune system. Once in the immune system of a person dander may be perceived as a threat. Most allergies are caused by things that are not perceived as a disease by science, but your body will see them as a threat just the same.

Cats also have many other allergens present in their body and they can and will be expressed through their saliva, blood, and urine. Unfortunately these bodily fluids will still be actively harmful to your health even if the cat hasn't been present for extended periods of time. This is why you can experience an allergic reaction to cats even if they cat has been removed from the environment. This is also why it is important to clean your house regularly if you are allergic to pets.

Many people believe they are allergic to cat hair, but there is nothing about the hair itself that can cause an allergic reaction. This idea likely stems from the fact that when cats groom themselves they trap other allergens onto the hair. By rubbing their own saliva into their hair, they "glue" the dander onto the hair. When the cat sheds the dander is released on the hair and the hair can cause an allergic reaction. This can be because of either the cat's saliva, its dander stuck to the hair, or both. You cannot stop a cat from grooming even if you wash the cat yourself, this is because it is a ingrained natural instinct. Bathing your cat regularly can greatly help remove allergens however and allow you to be free from your allergies to cats.