You obviously have allergies if you're looking for allergy free pillows for feather pillow allergies. And getting a hypoallergenic pillow is the first start the other is understanding dust mites symptoms and the role they play in disturbing your sleep.

Many people have down allergies and it's mostly because down can house pesky allergens from pollen to dust mites. The real problem is the fact that many people think that one pillow fits all people's sleeping needs. And it doesn't, not in the case of ideal rest.

If you're coughing or uncomfortable because of sleep allergies, you're most likely not getting the requisite 7-8 hours of sleep a day. In fact, you may not be sleeping at all. And this is an issue, given that we spend 33% of lives asleep. And if we spend that much time in bed or sleeping, why not get the absolute best rest you can.

 Are Hypoallergenic Covers the Answer?

 Probably not. If you have a hypoallergenic cover encasing a down pillow or worse yet a pillow plagued with dust mites or pollen, you still have the problem when you remove the hypo cover.

And when changing your hypoallergenic bedding, you could reinfect your bedding with the pollen or dust mites you were trying to protect yourself against. However, a hypoallergenic pillow cover is better than a synthetic pillow cover or simply no cover at all over a down pillow.

And certainly any hypo pillow you buy should come with a hypo or allergy free cover.

 The better solution is a Hypoallergenic pillow. But how do you choose the best hypoallergenic or allergy pillows:

  • 100% synthetic: an allergy free pillow obviously should NOT contain any feathers or down material. This is a no brainier but sometimes the packaging on a asthma or feather free pillow is not clear.

  • Synthetic material is tight woven WASHABLE and can be washed in hot water. This is important for allergy suffers looking for a good allergy free pillow. You should be able to wash the pillow.

  • Comfort- The allergy free hypo pillow should feel good. Some aller free pillows which are made out of synthetic are not comfortable. The loft should be comparable to a down pillow.

  • Breathable- The hypoallergenic pillow should have breath-ability for obvious reasons. You definitely don't want to be hot while you sleep. And its the breath-ability that helps to keep pet dander, dust mites and the like out of your pillow.

Do You Have Pet Dander or Dust Mite Allergies and Not Even Know It?

Sometimes you THINK you have allergies that an allergy free pillow can protect you from, but what are dust mites symptoms?

  • Persistent coughing while sleeping and awake

  • Itchy Eyes or noes

  • Sneezing

  • Red or Watery eyes

The Best Allergy Free Pillow

The best allergy pillow is Aller Ease Cotton Comfort Pillow. This pillow is 100% synthetic and has the loft and squish-ability of a down pillow with no dust mites and other pesky allergens.

Do you have allergies? What do you think about allergy free pillows for feather pillow allergies?