Alleviate Stress and AnxietyCredit:;By HillaryDawn

Stress and Anxiety is something everyone deals with some time or another. Everyone has to deal with this and everyone needs to learn what works best for them.  Sometimes it takes simple things to clear your head so you meet the problem head on. Other times, you may have to figure out a better way to resolve it.

 You will need to find something that will relax you most when things get tough. For some people it is getting their mind to forget for a while. Read a good book or watch a good movie and it can get your mind off of whatever is causing the stress.

There are some herbs that you can use for emergencies to help reduce stress and anxiety. Valerian root is a good calming herb that you can get in capsule, tablet or tea form. Taking this herb a few times a day can help calm your nerves. This is a simple natural way to bring calmness without a doctor visit or a prescription to take.

Exercise can help if you use it regularly. It may be something as simple as a walk in the park or it may be a tough workout at the gym. It's different for everyone which will work for them. It's simple enough to find which way works for you.

Go for a drive to a lake or if you're close enough to an ocean. Water has a calming effect on us. Watching the wave and the water move can do wonders for stress. If you have a tank full of fish at home, this is another way to lower blood pressure and alleviate stress and anxiety. If not, take a trip to the pet store to help make you calm.

Play with a pet. Animals have always been a huge help in soothing their owners in time of need. If you don't have a pet, volunteer at a nearby animal shelter. There are lots of pets that need to be loved and you may decide to take one home.

Play some fun games with your children or grandchildren. Taking your mind off the problem can do wonders for you. Spending some fun time with your family will put a new perspective on your situation so you can think clearly.

Once you feel calm again, you will be better able to tackle any problems that have caused you the stress in the first place.


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