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Guest posting on blogs has become extremely popular and a new Wordpress software plugin has the ability to make the process much more efficient.If your not familiar with the guest post its a great option for all parties involved.New or less known bloggers can have their content displayed to a larger audience and promote their blog or website.The established blogger who publishes guest posts has the opportunity to bring a new voice and a different angle to their blog.Most popular blogs publish at least one post daily so the same opinion every day can become white noise to readers after a few months hence the guest post.

Guest PostPosts being submitted are sent in a number of formats all of which require extra work to import and prepare for publishing.The most popular formats to submit posts are Zip file, text document and word document.

This handy Wordpress software has a number of features but the one i like most is it allows users to submit posts to your blog in a 'Ready To Publish' format.The posts will be listed as draft articles for review and only one click is required to have the post live on the blog.

This is one another Great Wordpress Plugin that can help take some of the hassle out of blogging.

Plugin Information

This Plug is from Mark Cunningham, and Called TDO Mini Forms here are some great extra features.

5 Great Extra Features Of TDO Mini Forms

Allow Selected Users Publish Without Approval
Allow Users Edit Posts And Pages
Only Allow Subscribers Submit
Can Also Be Used As Forum, contact manager and more
Customizable Submission Form

The TDO Mini Forms is a free wordpress software plugin to download and extra information is available on the plug in homepage in the Word press plug in directory.