Let Yosemite Sam guard your back

Let's face it - our Cartoon Character friends have always been there for us. They decorated our beds, our curtains, and the walls in our bedrooms. They were present in our bathrooms on our wash clothes, towels, and shower curtains. We had their pictures every where, with decals, autographed photos, and posters. The lucky ones even had their faces on our cups, plates, bowls, and glasses!

We found their faces on our clocks, our toys, and our furniture. We had their pictures on our lunch boxes, our notebooks, our pens and pencils. We had stuffed things that looked like them. They slept next to us. They even watched TV with us. And when Mom or Dad yelled at us, we even got to knock them around in the privacy of our rooms. And they were okay about it - never fussing once! We did have to make sure that The Dog had his own stuffed animal and didn't mess with our guys!

They were there, at the ready, to protect us from any harm. They gave us inspiration and courage. They made us laugh. They made us feel safe. They helped us eat our spinach and go to sleep at night. And best of all, they taught us how to mimic their crazy voices!

As we got older, our worlds expanded, and we got braver. And our Cartoon Pals made it into our vehicles. If we were lucky enough, this happened to the Family Truckster before we could drive it. If not, then they made it onto our first beater junker beast of a car! Probably the only decent part of it!

We were only too happy to put them on our new seat covers, our floor mats, and even our shift knob. As time went on, they attached themselves to our Car Air Fresheners, Visors, CD Holders, Head Rests, and even our Sun Shades. If we were lucky enough to be driving a Jeep, Truck, or 4x4 - we found a way to get them onto a set of Mud Flaps or a Trailer Hitch Cover. And maybe even onto the Truck Bed Cover!

Yes, our Cartoon Character friends have helped us survive in this big old scary world, and they deserve a place of honor in our lives. With Cartoon Car Accessories, they can move with us into the real world! Certainly a lot better than a Devil, Sorcerer, or a Skull!!!

Thanks Guys & Gals, Friends & Pals!