We all love our mobile phones. We love the convenience and pleasure it gives us in one handy and easy package. But we also hate our mobile phones when our insanely expensive phone bills come in. Much of this can be owed to the fact that it's human nature to want to talk, right? But thanks to alltel unlimited mobile to mobile calls, you won't ever hear your wallet scream at you again.

If you're looking for a cell plan that suits your needs and fits right into your budget, why not check out Alltel's variety of cell plans? One of which is the Alltel Wireless plan where they have a feature called My Circle, that lets you get limitless incoming and outgoing calls for free.

The catch? You have to build your circle first which is composed of ten phone numbers, preferable the ten people you call most often. So this could be your dad, your wife, your boss, your trainer, or whatever.

One good thing about this plan is that you can change your circle anytime. If you've just been dumped by your girlfriend, then go dump her too. On you're My Circle, that is. So if you wish to get an alltel unlimited mobile to mobile phone calls to and from ten select people, sign up for their $59.99 plan per month.

You might also want to consider their National Freedom Plans that ranges from $39.99 to $199.99. With this plan, you can enjoy basic voice mail, caller ID, 3-way calling, call forwarding, call waiting, no answer transfer, and pay-per-use text messaging. This plan mostly targets people on the go because they can enjoy the same perks and features with their mobile phones when they travel to other cities in the country.

Of course, what would the National Freedom Plan be without the alltel unlimited mobile to mobile phone calls, right? Subscribers can enjoy unlimited phone calls as long as it is with another Alltel subscriber.

You should also consider their Alltel smart phone plans. With their amazing cell plans that let you capitalize on their broad network coverage, it's always a win-win situation when you buy a cell phone with Alltel.

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