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fast installation, easy to clean, looks and feels like ceramic tile when on the floor. Affordable, a great DIY project.. They glue to each other and not the floor, basically a floating floor. You can use a knife to cut them to size.


You have to make sure there is no debris underneath when installing this floor, and don't take the peel paper off the tab until you are ready to use it, the adhesive is strong!. But that is what makes these allure tiles work so well, they glue to each other and not the floor

Full Review

If you are full of great ideas for a kitchen renovation or front hall, but your wallet says "NO", then here is a great idea for cheap DIY flooring. Allure Tiles. These tiles look like ceramic, but they are not. They come in strips of three with a peel and stick edge that sticks out on one side. It has a very strong adhesive on this strip, and the next piece is placed over top of this strip.

Not once does this glue to the actual floor, You don't need a special sub floor it can go right over an existing floor. It can be done in as little as two hours.

We had a rental house that we were trying to upgrade with a budget. There was not much left for the floor budget. We went to the local Home Depot, and after having a quote of $4200.00 dollars to have simple ceramic tile installed (this was also going to need sub floor) she steered us towards this Allure tile. It is a simple system, but one of the best things is that it is waterproof. The way the tiles join, it is more of a interlocking rather than butting up to each other. They are joined to each other and not the floor.

We were able to do our entire kitchen, and front hallway for under $700.00 dollars and it looked fantastic. You can damp mop it, and it takes a beating. I was not sure of this Allure tile system when I first saw it, as I saw it as a peel and stick tile, but it is not, and the realism of the tile is great. It can change the look of a room in an instant. We had fresh paint on the walls, and new baseboards and this flooring and it looked like a million bucks! Here is what Home Depot has to say about it:

"Our easiest-to-install flooring ever! Install an entire floor cleanly, easily in just a few hours. Easy GripStrip™ installation – Lays directly over your old floor; no floor prep or messy glue needed! Looks and feels like ceramic tile… feel the texture! Completely waterproof. Perfect in high moisture areas… basements, kitchens, and bathrooms. Warm comfort and quiet under foot. 25 year residential warranty"

As you can see by the picture, my son was installing this at great speed. This Allure Tile flooring system would be ideal for upgrading rentals houses like ours, and also if you are renting a place yourself, and want to do something about a worn floor without actually attaching anything to the floor. Although I am sure the landlord would like you to leave it there after you leave!

It is tough, but I liked the waterproof part as this house had three entrances and exits within this area, so simple laminate floors was not good since they don't tolerate wet too well, and the old linoleum floor underneath had seen better days.

You can score this with a knife in order to cut this to size, and it looks very realistic. So there are no special tools needed. All the instructions are in the box, and it is pretty simple to do. Just make sure the floor underneath is clean and does not have any grit or debris, as this my prevent the allure tiles from laying flat.


In Closing

I would highly recommend these allure tiles for a kitchen, bathroom or front room, anywhere there is a chance of moisture.