This is my second InfoBarrel monthly earnings report and I am happy to say that I had a decent month. End of the semester finals combined with the holidays did not leave me much time to write many articles. In fact, I only wrote five articles in December. I only got 20 points in the contest and wrote three themed articles so my Adsense share will be lower in January. I am hoping that it does not hurt my earnings. A few surprising things occurred in December. The first being my Amazon earnings. They skyrocketed at the beginning of the month and died off at the end of the month. All of my Amazon earnings came in the first two weeks of the month. The second surprising thing that occurred is the articles that actually earned. In November, I wrote some fast articles without doing keyword research so I could win the contest. I did not expect any of these articles to earn but most of them have earned something. This proves that you do not need to know about keywords and SEO to earn money on InfoBarrel.


Even though I wrote very few articles in December, there were only two days when I did not get any Adsense clicks. My views increased by 28% and I doubled my income from November. Below is a chart showing my earnings since I first started writing articles here:

July - 2 articles - $5.15

August - 10 articles - $1.39

September - 10 articles - $8.09

October - 17 articels - $8.15

November - 72 articles - $25.09

December - 77 articles - $70.98

As you can see, my earnings are steadily increasing. I doubled my Amazon sales from November with 20 sales. I was hoping for more from Chitika but their ads do not seem to be matching up. I am surprised I made as much as I did with them.

January and 2011 Goals

December goals were a mixed bag. I did not write 1-2 articles a day like I had hoped and I never got around to starting a charity account but I did make my monetary goal of $30 Adsense, $10 Amazon and $10 Chikita for a total of $50. I actually blew that goal out of the water. My January goals are strongly tied to my 2011 yearly goal. My goal in 2011 is to make $2,000/month at InfoBarrel. If each of my articles makes $2/month after they mature, I will need to write 1,000 articles or 84 articles per month. I do not know if that is possible but I am going to try. I may have to bring my word counts down. It takes me a while to crank out an article, as I tend to write articles 1,000 words or more. My January goal will be to write 84 articles. My monetary goal for the month will be $100 total.


December really showed the power of a passive income. I had no time to write articles in December and I still doubled my earnings from the previous month. I have been trying to build a full-time passive income for the past 2 years and always failing. Thanks to InfoBarrel, 2011 will finally be the year that I break out of that cycle and really increase my earnings.

For those of you who are not signed up for Infobarrel yet, what are you waiting for? Sign up today and start earning some money.

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