Welcome to 2013! I had a great year in 2012 and significantly grew my earnings. I haven't done an official earnings report in 2 years but I thought now was a good time to start them up again. I'm going to try to make this short and sweet.


Adsense: $55.08 (-$38.15)

Amazon: $181.02 (+$116.62) - Sold 2 items on 12/31 that haven't been added yet.

Chikita: $0.67 (+$0.15)

Total: $236.77 (+78.62)

Total number of articles: 160

Average/article: $1.48

I saw a significant increase in my Amazon earnings this month thanks in part to the new Amazon modules. However, I also saw a significant decrease in my Adsense earnings. I think part of that was due to the virus attacks/hackers on the site. My articles dropped in the serps during that time but they have since recovered now that the site has been fixed.

Other Earnings

Niche Site Adsense (4 sites): $44.72

Amazon (Squidoo): $51.57

Squidoo Main Account #1 (4 lenses): $0.00

Squidoo Niche Account #2 (31 lenses): $128.17

Squidoo Niche Account #3: (13 lenses): $10.49

Total: $234.95 (Squidoo tier payments not included)

I really hit the jackpot with my niche Squidoo account. Only a small handful of the 31 lenses are earning money. I actually added 36 lenses to my main account in the past week but I didn't count them because they are just beginning to rank in Google and haven't seen much traffic yet.

Total Online Earnings for December: $471.72


My goal in 2012 was to make $2,500 a month with InfoBarrel. While I'm a long ways from reaching that goal, I think I made good progress towards it. Here is a chart of my InfoBarrel earnings over the past 3 years:

Ally's 3 Year Earnings Chart

My goals for 2013 are not going to be monetary because I realized that I can't control how much money I make. I can control how much content I make and how I promote that content. The more content I have, the more money I should make. For that reason, my goal for 2013 is to publish 500 Squidoo lenses. I would love to make $2,500 a month and I hope that publishing 500 lenses will get me there. I will also keep publishing at InfoBarrel, mostly to backlink my Squidoo lenses, but I don't have any specific goals when it comes to InfoBarrel. Getting over the 250 article mark would be great but it won't be a priority.


I hope this little glimpse into my online earnings has motivated you to start creating your own online income. Maybe I'll be reading your success story next year. :) Before I end this report, I just want to thank the admins for making this the best site on the web for user-submitted content. I love the new Amazon modules that you worked so hard to create and I think it's great that you take our suggestions to heart. No other site cares about its writers more than this one. Thank you and have a happy new year!