I think that it is finally time that I started posting regular earnings reports. November was an amazing month for me. For those of you who do not know, I am currently attending college for Web Design and Development. I am taking five design classes this semester that are very time consuming. Going into the month of November, I had two goals: complete all homework assignments on time and write 1-2 1,000 word articles per day.

After the first week, I realized that I was in second place in the contest and thought that it would be cool to win. I have a long-term goal of getting into the Top 100 in points so the points from winning the contest would help me get closer to that goal. I could also use the $100 Amazon gift card to buy a netbook computer so I could write wherever I am at. Once I decided to throw my hat in the ring for the contest, I started slacking off in school and writing more articles. Somehow I was able to keep up with my homework (only one assignment ended up being late) and stay in 2nd place in the contest up until the week before Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving was a hectic week. I had a ton of homework that had to be done by Wednesday. Thursday and Friday were spent without the Internet. It was awful. In the end, I finished 3rd in the contest which is great. I will not get the points for winning the contest but I will get a $25 gift card, which I can save until I have enough money for the netbook I want.


I was able to publish 55 articles in November, which ended up being just under 2 articles per day. The views skyrocketed and were up over 280% from October. November 1st saw 32 views and November 30th saw 119 views. Every day, the number of views is increasing. Below is a chart showing my earnings since I first started writing articles here:

July - 2 articles - $5.15

August - 10 articles - $1.30

September - 10 articles - $8.09

October - 17 articles - $8.15

November - 72 articles - $27.47

As you can see, my earnings are steadily increasing. I got 11 sales on Amazon, all in the last week of November. My first Amazon sale was November 21. I was not approved for Chitika until the end of October (I applied way back in February for SheToldMe and again in July). It is amazing that I am already earning with them. Comparing earnings reports from other members, I think my earnings are on schedule. I hope to double my earnings next month.

December Goals

I have a few goals in mind for December. No more contests – it was way too stressful. I was always worried about writing enough articles each day. I would stay up way past my bedtime just so I could get another article out. I even had a horrible nightmare one night in early November about Infobarrel. I dreamed that all the guys on Infobarrel were getting a divorce and they had to sell their articles before their ex's took them as payment for child support. I decided to buy a few and I promised to sell them back after the divorces were finalized. It was a weird dream…sorry for going off topic. Anyways, I do not want any more strange dreams so I am laying off the contest this month. The first goal in December is to keep writing 1-2 1,000 word articles each day. The second goal is to make $50 a month total ($30 Adsense, $10 Amazon, $10 Chitika) in December. I really think this is possible if I keep writing articles at the pace I did in November. The third goal I have for December has to do with school. I need to finish my classes strong – the last day is December 14. I have an entire website I need to redesign for one of my classes and I have not started yet (shame on me). After I am done with classes, I can focus solely on Infobarrel. Finally, another small goal I have is to start a separate account just for charity articles. I do not want my charity articles on my main account because it will make it harder to figure out calculations when it comes to my earnings. I would love to add 10 articles to my new charity account in December. I have big plans for my charity account (linking to other members articles, a lot of rating & commenting other articles, promoting other charity organizations through articles). I will be getting this account going after classes end.

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November was a revolutionary month for me. I have completely changed my game plan. Back in September, my plan was to backlink my ten articles until they were all at the number one spot in Google. Then I would write ten more articles and do the same. In October, I realized that this plan was not smart. I saw the thread about 150 articles equals a $100 month and decided that quantity is more important than backlinks. Working smart is writing 100, 200 or even 300 articles and then backlink the articles that are earning the most money or are showing signs that they could earn a lot of money. It is the 80/20 rule. It was my new strategy in November and it is working great so far. I am going to keep writing articles at a fast pace until I reach 150 articles. Then I will stop to do some backlinking. I cannot wait to start emulating my success here at other sites including Hubpages, Squidoo, Infopirate, etc. I think that is when the money will really start pouring in. I will get backlinks to my strongest earning articles, while at the same time, I am building up a library of articles at other sites that will earn. The power of passive income is amazing.

For those of you who are not signed up for Infobarrel yet, what are you waiting for? Sign up today and start earning some money.

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