Almond milk dangers are not common knowledge. Is almond milk healthy? It is commonly known, that almonds are healthy and the nature enriched them with miscellaneous microelements like magnesium, zinc and potassium, to name a few. As it can be easily concluded, the almond milk is similarly healthy and beneficial, due to its numerous nutritious elements. But there are also some possible almond milk side effects that must be taken into account before drinking the diary free milk. I will describe them briefly in the further part of the article.

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Probable side effects

Goitrogenic effect

The very first dangerous effect is important for everybody with the high probability of hypothyroidism. The factor is highly visible, when the cow’s milk is replaced with the almond milk as a substitute. The main consequence of it for the organism is, too small amount of iodine included in the drink, that can lead to serious problems with thyroid. This issue is addressed medically as goiters Almonds are one of the items included on the goitrogenic substances list[920]. But as huge as the problem may seem, the goitrogenic effect can be easily diminished by simply boiling almond milk[920].

Bad breast/cow's milk substitution for infants

When it comes to infants, nutrition is an issue of special importance. You should be aware that almond milk is not suitable for infants due to its formula. Comparing it to the breast milk or cow’s milk shows that the complete substitution is not an entirely good idea because it is lacking sufficient amount of iodine. The scientific survey[921] states, that the extensive use of the almond milk without any natural liquid support can lead to significant decrease in calories, calcium and iodine – elements with an importance to a newborn. But the issue occurs only in cases, where the almond milk totally replaces its breast/cow’s equivalent. As a separate drink it is completely acceptable.

Bitter almonds

Many people think that the almond is the one and only and any variables are members of entirely new products group. Wrong. There are also bitter almonds that are completely different from those that to be bought in the market and used to produce milk. According to the article[922]  they posses strong poisonous characteristics, which can lead to such health problems like vomiting, stomach ache etc. Therefore, bitter almonds in any amount should be strictly avoided.

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Another concern is raised by the existence of the chemical substance called Carrageenan. It is sometimes used as a thickening agent to create the taste which is as similar to the ordinary milk as it is possible. But there are also scientists researches presented, that show the Carrageenan as the probable cause leading to many health problems and diseases. The most serious are problems concerning gastro-intestinal cancer, but there can be also minor issues like heightened body temperature and poisoning effects while the amount of the substance is heightened. If you are interested in details, more information are to be found on Wikipedia[923]. Just make sure that you buy almond milk without carrageenan.


Last but not least, for your own health it is important to note, how big the amount of sugar included in the milk is, especially in the flavored almond milk in which the amounts are nearly doubled. This is especially important for people suffering from  diabetes.



Is almond milk healthy? Almond milk is a nutritious substance containing microelements  such as magnesium and zinc, but the lack of iodine is a noticeable disadvantage and must be taken into consideration to avoid serious diseases. You should also read the included  labels to find out about amounts of carrageenan and sugar, especially if you are diabetic or have some food intolerances.  You should also remember about one of the most elementary dangers - almond milk does go bad, so if your milk stays for a long time in the fridge you should check if it has gone bad before consuming it.