Have you ever thought about almond milk in coffee? Are you bored stiff with the ordinary milk’s taste when it is mixed with your coffee? Are you looking for a dairy free milk substitute to mix it with the caffeine drink? Then why don’t you try to introduce a little change into your menu and make your day a little bit different than the previous ones? As for health issued, the whole cow’s milk possess huge quantities of fats, that can lead to obesity or health problems while prolonging its intake. Those problems can be avoided by introducing the almond milk into your daily eating routine. If you want to experiment a bit, it is advisable to try also the coconut milk in coffee.

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Almond milk as a healthy alternative

There are three basic groups of people that might wish to drink coffee with almond milk as their alternative in everyday dieting. First of them are vegans, because of their beliefs and eating habits and there is no need to provide further explanations. Another one it the group that shouldn’t include cow’s milk into their diet due to its probable hazardous health impact on their organism. The high risk problems are – diagnosed lactose intolerance and allergy to the milk’s ingredient called casein. Third group involves those, who are totally bored or feeling aversion to dairy products and want to lead their dieting habits dairy free. If you are considering yourself as a member of one of the mentioned groups, you should take a closer look at non dairy milks sold in nearby supermarkets.


Try different tastes and amounts of almond milk

Before proceeding further to another worthwhile alternative, I would like to mention, that the proportions of almond milk can vary considerably in comparison to the ordinary cow’s milk and I strongly recommend to experiment with the amount of it in your daily coffee or tea. And while I have touched upon the topic of experiments – if you want to introduce a small change of taste for your taste buds, there is a delicious alternative available. Many markets included flavored almond milks in their offer and there are no bonds forbidding you to drink the caffeine drink with a tune of nuts in it. There are many different flavor combinations and I am sure that everybody will find something that meets ones liking. But there is one serious drawback involved – flavored milks contain much more sugar added to their composition. For people with diagnosed diabetes or sugar intolerance it is advisable to check the content written on the label before buying.

Almond milk coffee creamer

Of course there is also a less healthy alternative - almond milk coffee creamer. If you're a fan of coffee and you haven't ever drunk it with creme (or a non dairy creamer) - I strongly advise you to do so.  You might fall in love with that taste. Please note that creamers aren't healthy, so you should use them in moderation.


What can you do if your almond milk curdles in coffee?

Almond milk can curdle in coffee and it is a very common phenomena, visible generally after pouring hot water into the bowl or cup with the dairy free milk alternative already in it. But don’t worry, I have a few solutions to solve the curdling almond milk problem. Firstly : you can spend a little time to have the tea or coffee with almond milk cooled down. After this process is done, pour in the cold almond milk and put the cup into microwave oven afterwards for few minutes in order to obtain a cup of warm coffee without curdling the almond milk. The second solution is to warm up the almond milk itself and add it into the warm drink. But sometimes the milk isn't the reason of curdling, but on the contrary – the acidity of the coffee is, especially when it is of poor kind. Sometimes, buying the better quality coffee can eliminate the problem almost to zero. If you want an equivalent of the caffeine drink and also to reduce the curdling effect, you can prepare delicious iced coffee by yourselves, according to the following recipe[924].

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I hope, that I have provided you with the basic advantages and drawbacks of the regular almond milk in coffee, as well as flavored one’s. Almond milk does curdle and you should know how to deal with this problem. Before ending, I would like to indicate, that the almond milk is completely forbidden for people with diagnosed allergies for any of the milk ingredients, like nut allergy. For all else – drink this non dairy milk and enjoy !

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