Skin care, eye protection, germ protection, hair maintenance, solution to stoic related issue, you'll find then all in one thing, aloe vera gel. No wonder aloe Vera is a natural medicine that is why we call it medicinal aloe. Very thick leaved plant of high of 60 to 100 cm, with some small sized yellow flowers grown on the heights through spikes. Aloe era is highly cultivated plant all across the world, most commonly India, Sudan, Africa and Arabian Peninsula. It is also found in southern Africa. Aloe Vera is has been used sconce centuries in various forms.

An extract of aloe Vera plant form deep inside its leaf is called aloe vera gel. It can easily be extricated. Most of the time people trying to extract the gel have simply cut the aloe era leaf and use the liquid extracted from leaf that work but the gel is found inside. Here we discuss the safe way to extract the gel from aloe Vera plan.

Extraction of Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe Vera gel, in its good form is found in the oldest leaves of plant that are normally near to the ground. Therefore for the extraction of the aloe vera gel choose these mature but healthy leaves. Once you have chosen and cut the leaves put them inside a container in a way that their cutting edges are at the base of container and upside of the leaves with wall of the container, you may also hang them with something so that the sap can be extracted from the leaves. Keep them hanged up for almost 10 minutes. To avoid the mess you can use gloves so that your task becomes easy.

Now keep the leaf side way and with a sharp knife cut the leaf such that u get front and back of the leaf separated. Now you will fine transparent and slimy gel in the leaf the u can gather with a spoon and store it in a container. To preserve the gel it is recommended to use the dark colored glass container so that excess of light may prevented, which can spoil the gel. Store it in a cold place, most preferably in a refrigerator.

Aloe Vera Benefits and Usage

Aloe Vera plant is believed to be good for healing. Therefore allover gel it self is frequently used directly as a healing agent. Here we will discuss benefits and both internal and external uses of aloe vera juice gel in detail.

External use: For the best skin care, extraction aloe vera gel can directly be applied on the skin against bacterial infection, incest bites, rashes, marks, wound and stretch marks. Simply apply the gels smoothly on the skin and in a few days you will find wonderfully good result. For the best result use the aloe Vera gel before sleeping at Vera gel with your favorite moisturizing cream. The way it works is using the regeneration of skin cell that keeps your skin fresh and protect you against wrinkles. Several skin therapies leave their effects on skin. Which are sometime in form of rashes, stretch, allergy and roughness. To get rid of these post therapy effects you can use aloe vera gel that provides you better rusts against them.

Are you worried about condition of your hairs or you want to extreme care of your scalp? You want to reduce hair fall? Solution of you hair problem is aloe vera gel. for the quick and good results directly apply aloe Vera gel to your scalp and hair that will keep dandruff anyway from your hairs and reduce your hair fall by making them strong and shiny. Moreover it can also be used as commercial gel for your hair. The hair gels you will find in market, most of them are not good for your hairs but this natural gel can beneficially serve your hair as an alternate of commercial gel. Just apply it gently on your hair and comb in your style. So try it today!

Aloe Vera Gel for Dental Care

aloe vera gel is also good for dental care. It efficiently works against the pain and bleeding through teeth. It heals the damaged surface and works for reducing the plaque. There are several chemicals in gel that makes your teeth strong. It is also very good for cold and warm effects of the teeth. Apart from dental use this gel is also frequently used for eye care. It works quickly against eye damages. You can even make you own eye wash at home using this gel. Huts extract the gel by the same way discussed above and let it dry y until it becomes white solid from then make its powder. Now you can use this powder allover with water and a little amount of boric acid to make your own eye wash. Use this solution for your eyes that will fight against bacterial infection. Before using the solution don't forget to falter it.

Another good and beneficial way of aloe vera gel is for muscle pain and muscle fatigue. Arthritis is a well known decease that cause muscle pain and joint pains. This decease is very common in ladies and old means also. This gel is frequently used to get rid of this pain. It is also available in form of the sprays that can help in reducing arthritis. It has a great tendency to get absorbed in human skin. Therefore with more then 74 of its nutrients it reduces lipids and fat level in human blood and provides relief against pain and inching. It provides quick relief from strain. Gently apply it on effected area. Also use cold compress to achieve best and quick results.

Aloe Vera Gel for Internal Use

As described above this gel has extraordinary healing capability there for it can also b used for internal use. Internal health issues which can be resolved naturally must not be resolved by using artificially made medicines. The reason is side effects of medicines. With the same reason it is recommended to aloe vera gel for up coming internal health problems.

As aloe vera good against bacteria, fungus and parasites therefore for parasitic, fungal and betrayal internal infection, its gel can be internally used. With its natural nutrients it kill the bacteria and parasites which spread the deceases internally both in humans and animal, which can some time led to serious condition. Moreover with its greater penetration capability it strengthens the muscle tendons. It also enhance the tissue growth and useful for production of new tissues. Internal use of this gel is very beneficial for the human immune system. Antibodies are special compounds that are used to increase B cells.

Aloe Vera gel activates the T cells and antibodies that further led to increase number of B cells. In this make our immune system very strong and it protects u against deceases. For stomach problems such as ulcer can be cure using allover gel. It heals the wounds on the wall of stomach with great efficiency. It is also very useful for bowel problems like pain, inching and Uncomforting. Several physicians recommend it as a good product to relief from hemorrhoids burning and pain. It also helps in inflammation activities occurring inside human body.

In short aloe vera gel due to its nutrients and benefits is a magical natural substance.