A lot of noise has been made about the health benefits of aloe vera whole leaf juice compared to the inner fillet gel. There has been some debate on which is better for health benefits. Aloe vera is a plant grown in South Africa. Aloe vera gel is produce inside the leaf, which is protected by the ring of the leaf. The aloe plant is grown as a ornamental plant, which can grow up to 39 inches in height. Aloe vera has been praised as a herbal medicine, and has been used in many cultures for thousands of years.

The inner fillet part of the ring is where aloe vera contains its health benefits. Aloe vera whole leaf juices use the entire leaf. Manufacturers claim that the whole leaf contains more nutritional value. However, that is simply not true at all. The ring of the plant is more as a filler and most go under chemical removing process to get rid of potential pesticides, bacteria, and get rid of the yellow sap on the out of the ring which contain harmful anthraquinone glycosides. The yellow sap contains toxic laxative properties. What's even worse is that some aloe vera whole leaf juices don't even remove the yellow sap. The yellow sap known as aloe latex is very bitter and has very intense side effects. Side effects when used for a long period of time can potentially lead to death even!

The difference between Whole Leaf Aloe Vera and Inner Fillet Gel

Both inner fillet aloe vera gel and aloe vera whole leaf juice are different even though they're from the same plant. Manufacturers who sell whole leaf aloe vera juice use the entire leaf thinking it contains more nutrients. Aloe leaves are made up of four different parts. The ring, the sap, the mucilage, and the gel. Some aloe vera whole leaf products combine all four parts. Some just the gel and the ring. All 75 nutrients are found in the gel which is located on the inner part of the leaf. Leaves are hand filleted themselves to remove the gel from the leaf.

It really makes no sense why the ring needs to be added, when it provides no nutritional value. Known bacteria and toxins live on the outer ring that strips away most of its nutritional value. So when the ring is required to go under a filtration process to remove its harmful toxins and bacteria, most of the polysaccharides which gives aloe vera its health benefits will be loss. So not only does aloe vera whole leaf juice not contain as many health benefits, it doesn't contain nearly as much as aloe vera gel located on inside of the leaf.

Does Aloe Vera Whole Leaf Juice have health benefits?

Aloe vera whole leaf might contain health benefits, but not as much as the gel. Aloe vera whole leaf juice still uses the gel which is where the nutritional value is found, but who knows how many of its nutritional value is loss during filtration. The ring of the plant doesn't have any known nutritional value. The gel itself has 75 known nutrients found, which contains high levels of vitamins, minerals, and polyscaccharides which gives aloe vera its health benefits. The gel remains inside the inner fillet of the leaf, and is protected by the ring from bacteria, the sap and pesticides. It doesn't require a filtration process and keeps its nutritional value. Aloe vera whole leaf juice might lose some of its nutritional value when undergoing a heating process, and carbon filtration to get rid of any contamination on the leaf. Bacteria lives on the outer part of the ring and can strip some of its antioxidant properties that are known to give aloe vera its health benefits.. So if aloe vera whole leaf juice loses most of its polyscaccharides, then aloe vera loses most of its nutritional value with the filtration of toxic properties. Aloe vera leaf juice is safe to drink if the aloin and anthraquinone glycosides are removed. The gel itself doesn't contain toxins.

Where to buy Inner Fillet Aloe Vera Juice and Gel

Pukka sells organic aloe vera juice using the inner gel only. It's 100% organic and contains no anthraquinone glycosides added. It's a recommended aloe vera juice to drink for health benefits. You can buy Pukka aloe vera juice on its site at pukkaherb.com. It is hard to find quality aloe vera inner fillet juices. Even if it is inner fillet gels, a lot of the time the juice is filtered with mostly water and not a lot of aloe vera gel. Kava King makes aloe vera inner leaf juice which can be bought online at vitaminbuddy.com. The gel is easier to find and George's aloe vera gel can be bought can be bought online at healthsuperstore.com. You can find numerous of gel juices and aloe vera gel online at amazon as well. I would also shop for Fruit of The Earth aloe vera juice as it contains 100% inner gel fillet of the leaf.