Alpecin Caffeine Shampoo is a shampoo that is said to strengthen weak hair roots and help stimulate hair growth directly at the root. It can also help in preventing hereditary hair loss. If you are looking for fuller and thicker hair then the Alpecin C1 caffeine shampoo is going to be your best choice.

Alpecin Caffeine ShampooTo get the best results from the shampoo it's very important that you massage the shampoo into your scalp and leave it on for a minimum of 2 minutes before you rinse it off. So that you allow the caffeine to be absorbed into the scalp, leave it on longer and more caffeine will be absorbed.

If your scalp is prone to dandruff and hair loss, then the double effect shampoo is the product for you. The shampoo works by loosening dead scaly cells and thoroughly removes the dandruff from the user's scalp. This helps in clearing the way for the caffeine ingredients to penetrate deep into the hair's root which helps strengthen the hair and scalp against hereditary hair loss.

How Doe's Alpecin Caffeine Shampoo Help With Hair Loss

Hereditary hair loss usually happens because of the hair roots supersensitivity to the male hormone testosterone. It is the testosterone which cuts off the hairs energy supply, which then makes the hair die prematurely. The caffeine and other active ingredients found in Alpecin shampoo helps in reducing this negative testosterone effect on the scalp which results in slowing down and fighting the signs of hereditary hair loss.

Hair loss is not a disease though and can not be permanently cured, but with continuous treatment with Alpecin you can help to slow down the process without the undesirable side effects that you get with many of the other hair loss shampoos that are in the marketplace today. When you start using Alpecin caffeine shampoo you will feel a light tingling effect on your scalp. This means that the caffeine and other active ingredients found in the shampoo are traveling down the hair and onto the scalp. Use the shampoo just once a day, to help ensure that the caffeine ingredients are doing their job and protecting your hair from hereditary hair loss.

The Alpecin range of caffeine shampoos are very reasonably priced and are available to buy from most drugstores and pharmacies. If you want to find out more about the shampoo. Why not visit their website, were you can even take the baldness test. This is a free online baldness calculator that after answering a few simple questions, will quickly calculate what age you are likely to start going bald. Having just done the test myself, I was very pleased to find out that the calculator told me that I would not go bald even when I reach my senior years. If you are a UK resident Alpecin Caffeine shampoo is now available in most Boots, Lloydspharmacy, Tesco's, Sainsburys and Morrisons stores. Personally I have been using the shampoo for over 12 months now and I am really pleased at the ways it cleans and makes my hair look. At the moment I have a full head of healthy hair and like everyone else I want to keep it that way. Hopefully by using Alpecin shampoo on a daily basis I can achieve it.