Jiu Jitsu Sweep Technique
Credit: Courtesy of Northwest Fighting Arts

Most people are familiar with grappling through their experiences with wrestling and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Those with a strong desire for success in the MMA competition training will certainly want to use these two arts as the basis for their ground game. However, there are quite a number of differences between the ways ground grappling works in a submission match vs. how it works in a MMA match can be significant. Understanding the difference is hugely beneficial since such knowledge will make you a much better fighter. Here is a brief look at some of those common differences which would be fleshed out when training mixed martial arts in Portland:

First, the MMA training ground game is more preferable as a top game. When you have a top position, you are able to inflict far more damage than would be the case on the bottom. The old strategy of “ground and pound” is not one that ever goes out of style because it works and it works effectively. Why would it ever be discarded?

When you see one fighter mount another, the fight is usually over within a very short period of time since the person on the bottom cannot handle the barrage of strikes raining down on him. Of course, it is possible to bridge and escape as this has been done repeatedly but a fighter truly is in a bad situation when he is mounted in a MMA bout. In a submission only bout, being mounted may cost four points but it is not the end of the fight by any means. The odds of such a position being a fight ending proposition is much higher in MMA.

Being on the bottom is not a lot of fun when using a guard either. The reason for this is that a great deal of time must be invested preventing your opponent from striking you. And if your opponent passes your guard, you immediately are in incredible danger due to the fact you will not have the use of your legs to defend yourself. Now you know why MMA gyms promote the top game more.

Granted, it is much harder to ground and pound someone with a decent guard game. Those with a solid guard do have many submissions, sweeps, and reversals at their disposal. However, the guard can prove to be a less than desirable position when in a MMA workouts or a match. Of course, it is more desirable than the other bottom positions.

How can you expand your MMA in Portland, OR ground game? The answer is really simple. You just need to practice it. Most people have difficulty with their MMA ground game because they primarily practice for submission only events. Training to deal with strikes in a MMA in Portland, OR environment will provide you with a basic amount of experience regarding how to address the situation.