Alternative Career: Get Paid Participating in Research

Before applying to market research in need of participants, you need to be sure that the company you are applying to is legitimate and that they have a good reputation. It is true that your participation to these studies may be kept confidential but it doesn’t mean that you have nothing to lose when you participate in wrong studies.

First, you may be participating to an ill-willed study. What if the purpose of the research is illegal? What if it is being run by people who have plans that may be harmful to your city or to a larger scale? You may be becoming an accessory to an illegal plan without you knowing it.

Next, there is the issue of your time being wasted. Each focus group would last anywhere between an hour and a half to four hours. That may be a time that could have been used to something more beneficial.

Third, most market research in need of participants would offer compensation. It is, after all, your ideas that are going to be used to come up with a solution to a problem. There is a market standard when it comes to compensation and you deserve to get that if not more.

Fourth, you need to protect your identity. You might be submitting information about yourself that could end up in the hands of people who might use it without your knowledge.

Before applying, there are ways that will help you determine if you are applying to a credible and legitimate market research study.

  1. Scout around. Write up a list of several research firms.
  2. Check the reputation and record of the research firms by checking with the Better Business Bureau or BBB. The Better Business Bureau contains records of different businesses which include complaints filed by consumers or clients.
  3. Ask your friends and other people you trust if they have heard of the research firms who are conducting the market research in need of participants you are applying to. If they have, ask them about their experience.
  4. Check out online forums and other relevant websites. Although it is not wise to purely rely on online sites, there are some pieces of information that may be worth considering.
  5. Make sure they follow standard practices which include setting up an initial meeting with at least one representative. Meeting with them would give you a better grasp on how a company works and if they are a fit with you.
  6. Favour those that have been referred by people you personally know and trust when you are looking for market research in need of participants. There are a lot of websites out there that post research firms in need of participants but these sites don’t always verify the reputation and record of the research firm.
  7. Check yourself too. Don’t apply to any studies that you are not qualified. Just because you can doesn’t mean you should. Establish your reputation and you will be able to get better assignments.

Always remember that you should trust your instincts when it comes to applying for market research in need of participants.

Clinical trials are research studies that aim to test effectiveness of treatments and diagnostic techniques. There are many benefits of participating in clinical trials. There is an international and national protocol to ensure that even the participants in a clinical trial remain safe. The protocol sets a strict guideline on who may participate in the study, when it may be conducted, how it should be done, the extent of exposure the participants may be exposed to, and length of study.


Where can you find out about clinical trials?

The government also distribute listings on upcoming clinical trials requirements. You can check the National Library of Medicine. They also have an extensive discussion the benefits of participating in clinical trials.  

What are the different types of clinical trials?

There are many different kinds of clinical trials that may be classified into the purpose of the research.

  • test new treatments or combinations of drugs
  • discover how to prevent disease on certain people
  • find ways on how to detect certain diseases
  • compare products or procedures
  • test the effects of a drug or treatment to different types of people


Should you consider clinical trials and why?

There are many benefits of participating in clinical trials.

On a larger scale, participating in a clinical trial will allow you to help in testing drugs or treatments that will benefit a greater majority. If only for that, participating in a clinical trial is worth it. That greater majority could include your relatives.

If you have a condition and have tried more traditional treatments and see no effect, clinical trials may prove beneficial. As long as you are eligible according to standards, you should apply. Eligibility includes age, sex, and medical history.

You will enjoy the care of top researchers in clinical trials and you can be assured that they will be fully focused on you.

Another of the many benefits of participating in clinical trials is the safety it extends to participants. Although there are inherent risks involved brought about by the inherent unpredictability of a medicines and human body reactions, the FDA has ways in place to ensure the safety of participants in a clinical trials such as the requirement to review medical history and testing of drugs and treatments other ways before testing them on humans.

You will also be assured that clinical trials occur in a regular basis. Medicine is not just a general market concern but also the government. Other forms of research occur only when something significant has happened that could affect previous studies on the same subject.

Where to Find Research Participant Requirements

Here are some places where you can go look:

1) University of Pittsburgh Research Participant Registry

2) Seattle Children’s Hospital

3) Human Participant Training for The University of Texas at Austin

4) Saros Research

5) Sandia Market Research

6) Market Research Focus Group Recruiter

7) Berkely University RSVP (Research Subject Volunteer Pool)


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