Living in the United States it is sad to see how the country is falling behind the rest of the world because of our ties to the world of big oil. They spend millions of dollars on lobbyist each year to promote their own cause and to stop the development of any sort of renewable alternative energy source. The problem with this is that fossil fuel doesn’t burn clean and are bad for the environment. Yet there is still a public relations campaign against the development of any real alternative source of energy. Here are the potential replacements for oil and why they are going to work.

 One of the most researched forms of renewable energy is solar energy. The lobbyists would have you to believe that this sort of system would never work on a large scale to produce power. Yet in Germany today there are solar power plants that have produced safe, clean, renewable energy for years. They have been working so well that nuclear plants are being shut down and decommissioned permanently. Solar energy is taking the energy from the sun’s rays and turning them into energy. There couldn’t be anything much simpler and safer than that.

   Wind energy is another great option for cheap and safe power that is well researched. There have been windmills built and placed in rural areas. These have started to produce great results as the turbines are turned they produce much low cost energy. The oil industry uses the environmentalist to fight against this fight. Claiming the wind mills are an eye soar and make too much noise. This propaganda is to deter the further development of an energy source that will help to end American reliance of fossil fuel. There have even been ideas of putting portable windmills on the ocean where the wind is blowing constantly and collecting this type of clean, safe energy. Only an oil enthusiast would argue against them.

   A third great option that is relatively new to the game of alternative energy is the attempt to harness the energy of the ocean tides. With little to no environmental impact scientists have developed turbines with take the power from the constantly moving ocean tides. Whether going in or going out the movement of the water turns the turbine of the machine and produces a source of free and renewable energy. The oil companies slander these contraptions by claiming that they have to be tested to make sure that they don’t damage the environment. Still the fossil fuel industry produces products that clearly deplete the ozone layer and lower the air quality wherever they are used.