Alternative Ways to Exercise

No time to exercise? No problem. Sweating in the gym is not the only way to get fit

Gyms are expensive and not just in terms of money. Think of all the time you have wasted travelling to and fro, arranging your gym stuff and waiting for that machine which is simply essential to your exercise routine but only seems to become available once every two hours. But there is another way. A way that is often cheaper and far less time consuming as it can be fit into normal work or leisure activities and that is alternative exercise. There are hundreds of alternative ways to exercise, you just have to use your imagination, but for four of the most interesting see our list below.

Kick bikes

Kick bikes, essentially a hybrid of a scooter and a peddle bike are the latest exercise craze. With large chunky tires, akin to a mountain bike, these scooters are built to go over long distances and can reach speeds of up to 30mph. The kick bike is built with a large wheel at the front to be able to tackle off road obstacles such as bumps or gravel and a smaller wheel at the back to give the “kicking” foot maximum room.  Reportedly it is very easy to learn and though you may not be able to travel as far as you would on a bike, 10 mile distances for the seasoned kick biker should be completed in relative ease making it a practical alternative to the car if you work locally.

Physiological benefits

Lower leg muscles (calves and hamstrings) are utilised in both the kicking and standing leg, as well as hips and lower back.

 Kite Surfing

Kite surfing uses the power of the wind in an enormous kite to push the surfer through the waves. The sport has been popular since the early 90s and provides an excellent upper-body work out as both controlling the kite and your body in the waves is such a challenge. It is also a lot of fun and a great hobby for the weekend.

Physiological benefits

Biceps, shoulders, back and neck are all heavily utilised in this sport.

 Stroller Running

Stroller running became popularised by mothers who didn’t have time to go to the gym but wanted to get their pre-baby body back. However, it can also be a sport for fathers, brothers, grandparents or anyone else who has a baby to look after and wants to get some outdoor exercise. To undertake stroller running you will need to purchase a jogging stroller with specially designed large, tired wheels for speed. Other strollers may not be able to take the stress of being wheeled so fast leading to a possible accident.

Physiological benefits

The same as normal jogging: it’s a full-body work out including your heart.

Household chores

All movement burns calories. With this in mind utilise your household chores such as cleaning, gardening or decorating to turn this time into a workout. Get your body really moving by putting on some fast music and travel fast from one place to another (for example, jog up and down those stairs). Keep yourself motivated by researching how many calories you’ll use up with each task: for example, 20 minutes of sweeping burns 95 calories while 20 minutes of mopping burns 83. It all adds up.

Physiological benefits

This depends on what you do. If you plan your tasks beforehand you could build a full-body work out. Also, you have in the end the satisfaction of a clean house.