Funeral Alternatives

When faced with the death of a family member or companion most people choose to hold a traditional funeral. Sometimes it means the funeral is conducted by a person who represents a religion or religious organization. What do you do when the person had no religious affiliations and you are aware in life they wouldn't be in a religious service? Today there are options for funerals that are not religious in nature but celebrates what the person stood for or respected. This option is referred to as memorial celebrations.

Funeral Alternatives

Persons today are opting for non-religious services for funerals. A few of the funeral option alternatives are the Green Funeral, a Home Funeral, and a Humanist funeral. These three funerals are examples of how survivors express their feelings for the individual, the deceased's way of living, their character, and/or the beliefs the person held to when they were living. It is a way of celebrating the persons life instead of mourning a person's death. There are more options available if you chose to have a non-traditional funeral. This article will supply information on the three previously mentioned: Green Funeral, a Home Funeral, and the Humanist Funeral.

A Green Funeral – To have a Green Funeral one would be buried in a plain pine box and in a unmarked grave thus allowing the burial site return to nature. Poems, music, and experiences involving the deceased would be shared.

A Home Funeral - This is when the body is cared for at the home and viewed in the home where the deceased resided. This allows friends and family to have a longer visiting period since they are not constricted with the hours of business of the local funeral home.

A Humanist Funeral – Humanist funerals are sometimes chosen for the person who was not religious. Celebrating their life can include the deceased's favorite music, memories, pictures, and poems shared by all in attendance. Silent meditation and experiences reflecting the contributions the deceased made to others and his community are shared also.

When deciding on a funeral for your loved one and you are looking for different options, a Humanist, Green, or Home funeral may be that option. Ethic traditions, celebration themes, candle lighting, and symbolic gestures are just some of the ideas one can include in a alternative funeral. Funeral directors and societies are available to guide you with non-traditional funeral choices.

Information on alternative funerals can also be found on the internet. Companies who specialize in “celebration of life” alternative funerals are also available to help you with information for making your decision. Losing a loved one is a very emotional time. You don't have to go with a traditional funeral, celebrating their life in non-traditional funerals is available.