Homeopathic medical treatments have been popular in alternative health care for many years. Herbal treatments are a core ingredient in these types of treatments in order to help use the persons own body symptoms to help cure them of an ailment, or in this case from an addiction to nicotine found in traditional tobacco cigarettes. Using herbal remedies to stop smoking has gained in popularity against alternatives such as nicotine replacement therapies because there is no nicotine contained in the smoking cessation aid.

What Ingredients are in Herbal Remedies to Stop Smoking?

It really depends on the manufacturer. All herbal stops smoking products use a mixture of herbs to help quell the effects of nicotine withdrawal while curbing your urge to smoke. Most herbal stop smoking products try to combine herbs in order to minimize the stress and anxiety levels felt by the smoker with the ultimate goal to help you quit smoking.

Common Herbs Found in Homeopathic Stop Smoking Aids

1 - Hyssop: Hyssop is used to help get rid of the flem and mucus that you will have for the first 7-10 days after you kick the habit. This is just a sign of the toxins leaving your body as it restores its health, by Hyssop helps to alleviate the symptoms you experience.

2- Ginseng: Ginseng is better known for being in tea, however, it is used in herbal stop smoking remedies to help your body deal with stress, being tired, and anxious while helping to restore your natural balance.

3- Oat straw: Oat-straw has been used in homeopathic remedies for a while to help control stress and tiredness. Normally associated with techniques to treat depression, it plays a large role in stop smoking herbal treatments.

4- Skullcap: Skullcap helps stimulate your brain's endorphins to take the place of the "Nicotine high" you previously experienced from smoking cigarettes. Skullcap also works to eliminate the increased tension you feel from stopping smoking.

5- Slippery elm: Helps primarily with any digestive issues you may experience as part of your body purging itself from the toxins built-up from smoking.

6 - Lobelia: Lobelia is one of the most common herbs used in homeopathic smoking cessation products. It makes cigarettes taste bad and helps quell your urge to smoke while relaxing you.

7- St. John's wart: St. John's Wart is best known for making you feel good and staying motivated. Its considered more critical to use in the first two weeks after you stop smoking.

8 - Catnip: Helps with the digestive system and reduction of headaches that can be incurred from stopping smoking. It will also help reduce the insomnia that some smokers experience from nicotine withdrawals.

These are just a listing of the primary herbs you will see in herbal stop smoking remedies. Just like with other aids and methods that are on the market to help you kick the habit, herbal remedies must be used in conjunction with a stop smoking plan in order to be effective.