Natural Treatments for Rosacea

Rosacea is a skin disease which may be a form of acne, although experts are unclear on this.  It almost all cases it occurs in people of Caucasian descent.  It causes the skin to turn red in localized areas and may also produce pimples or bumps on the skin. Typically this occurs on the facial area, though it may affect other areas as well. While there is no permanent cure, there are many medications available claiming to completely cure it.  While good treatments are available to treat rosacea, they rarely completely cure it. Most just help to address some of the rosacea symptoms.  In order to get rid of rosacea permanently alternative treatments which are more effective and are able to permanently treat this condition are available.

Areas of the Face Affected By RosaceaNo other known methods or treatments for rosacea currently exist which are able to get rid of rosacea permanently.  In Europe this problem is particularly common among older people and there a number of people have been successful in using these alternative natural treatments for rosacea.  The most effective alternative treatments for rosacea are described below.  For complete information and help in treating your condition, Rosacea Free Forever is a recommended resource.  It will also help you in identifying rosacea triggers - those things which tend to cause outbreaks to occur.  Rosacea No More has also been effective in treating rosacea for many people. Rosacea triggers are often unique to each individual and learning to identify what causes a rosacea outbreak is key to keeping the condition under control.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar has been widely used for treating rosacea.  Apple cider vinegar actually is effective in treating many bacterial infections.  This is due to it’s being able to encourage the discharge of enzymes from the digestive system. The most common method of using it is to wash the rosacea affected area on a prescribed schedule to cure your skin.

Licorice Herb

Licorice Herb is another remedy for rosacea that has shown some success.  A study done on 62 Rosacea patients who were moderately affected the disease found that all of those using this method improved within 4 weeks. The rosacea treatment was performed using licorice herb.

Green Tea

A face cream using green tea as the active ingredient has been very effective in treating rosacea. In the United States, the Academy of Dermatology performed a study which confirmed that green tea both helps reduce the number of pimples and relieves skin irritation caused by rosacea. More studies on the effectiveness of green tea on rosacea are being conducted by the American Academy of Dermatology.

Other effective alternative natural treatments for rosacea include the use of selenium, red clover, olive oil, zinc, royal jelly, rose hips, chamomile, burdock and vitamin B. If you’ve tried over medicines and treatments for rosacea and have been disappointed by the results you may wish to consider these natural treatment methods for rosacea.