Obesity and obstructed air passages are among the many causes for sleep apnea. Some of the most common causes are loud snoring sounds, which are obstructed by a few seconds or minutes of lapses in breathing. Loud gaps for air are followed after the silence period until regular breathing starts.

People suffering from sleep apnea may fall asleep while working at their desks or even while driving a car. The excessive tiredness leads to loss of memory, depression, impotency and high blood pressure, besides others. That is the reason why a quick diagnosis is needed; and people with sleep apnea are always advised to change their present lifestyle without any delay.

Here are some quick yet effective alternative ways to treat sleep apnea:

• Reduce weight: If a person is overweight and suffering from sleep apnea then he or she is advised to start a new and balanced diet program in order to reduce weight. Besides, he or she needs to reduce sugar intake and other allergic foods from the diet.

• Physical Exercise: People with sleep apnea are advised to do some exercise such as stretching or yoga in order to alleviate the problem. In addition, walking or aerobic exercises are also effective for the same. Deep breathing exercises help clean the air passage.

• 5-HTP: 5-hydroxy-trytophan (5-HTP) is a neurotransmitter which is used for regulating serotonin levels. Many researchers have concluded that low serotonin levels are one of the major causes of sleep apnea. In addition, 5-HTP is also helpful in releasing hormones such as cortisol for regulating muscles used for breathing.

• Say No to Alcohol: Alcohol and other sleeping pills may relax the throat muscles and thus cause breathing obstructions. Once alcohols are eliminated, oxygenated blood levels increase and thus a deeper sleep is possible.

• Encourage Good Sleeping Habits: Bad sleeping postures may cause sleeping problem. It is therefore, advised to use pillows in order to elevate head and shoulders. Sleep apnea symptoms may be caused due to the blockage of air passage by the tongue while sleeping on the back.

• Use Aromatherapy: There are many aromatic oils which are helpful in reducing the effects of sleep apnea. These oils are extracted from herbs such as orange, lavender, and nutmeg, besides others.

“Apnea” is a Greek word, meaning without breath. Once a person succeeds in regulating his or her breathing while sleeping, sleep apnea becomes a thing of the past and thereafter the person feels more relaxed, and ready to meet and greet the world.

Alternative Sleep Apnea Treatments