I love my French press and make coffee with it often, but did you know that when you're not drinking coffee, it doesn't have to sit there on the counter? You can find all kinds of ingenious uses for a French press that will save time, trouble and money!

1. Froth milk. Although it won't be steamed, the milk will be frothy. So no need to drag out the cappucino maker simply to froth a little milk--just put an inch of milk in the bottom, and move the plunger up and down fast. You'll have frothed milk in less time than it takes you to plug in the cappucino maker.

2. Whip cream. Really. Simply put the cream in and move the plunger up and down vigorously. (Don't do it too long or you'll end up with butter!) You'll save the time and electricity of dragging out the mixer and having another appliance to clean. It will whip faster, too, because the space is more confined.

3. Mash thawed frozen fruit for jam or other purposes. Let the fruit thaw completely, and use the French press to gently push down on the fruit. Soon you will have a delightfully mushy mess! If you have a breadmaker that also makes jam, this will save a lot of time! And if you're careful, and mash enough, you'll even be able to eliminate a large number of those pesky seeds.

4. Make guacamole. A French press will make short work of those ripe avocadoes. Take the avocadoes out and mix with your other ingredients.

5. Make tea, just in the same way that you would make coffee. A French press works wonders with loose tea leaves. And you can allow it to steep for a long time if you like your tea really strong.

6. Macerate dried fruit. Simply soak the fruit in vodka or another spirit and work the plunger gently from time to time. More of the liquor will be absorbed into the fruit than with plain soaking, and it will be much faster.

7. Convert cooked fruits and vegetables into homemade baby food. Simply cook the fruit or vegetables until soft, then gently mash peas, carrots, green beans, apples, pears, or any other soft food into baby-suitable mush. As children get their teeth, you can gradually mash less and less so that your child gets more solid food.

In fact, you can use your French press for any kind of task that requires gentle mixing or crushing of soft food, or whipping of liquids. As you become accustomed to using your French press for more tasks, you'll find yourself looking for ways to use it!

Have you thought of another use? Please leave a comment below! (You must register to leave a comment, but registration is free!)

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