Improve your mental health not just through medicine or therapy, but other alternative ways, too.

When you think of ways to improve your mental health you probably picture pills prescribed by your doctor or sitting down on a comfortable couch while you talk out your issues with a therapist. While these approaches are definitely effective, they are other more alternative ways you can help keep your mental health stable. From the classic exercise, to the less popular acupuncture, there are plenty of ways to keep your mental health stable and positive overall through less traditional means.

Increase Endorphins through Exercise

It is hard for a depressed person to hear that they need to exercise. If they could, they would. So, this may not be the best choice for all people looking to improve their overall mental health. However, if you have any sort of outdoor hobbies or exercise classes you like to take part in, capitalize on those activities you enjoy. Even if you are simply sprucing up your garden for Spring, the physical activity required will give your body a boost of endorphins that will help lead to an increased enjoyment of the little things throughout the day. Make the most of your options too, like taking a walk during your lunch break if the weather is appropriate or shooting hoops with your kids. All of these activities have the potential to be fun and helpful for your overall well-being.

Try Herbal Supplements with Your Physician’s Approval

St. John’s Wort is just one of several herbal supplements that have a reputation of helping improve mental health, especially for those who have depression. It is key to make sure you discuss using herbal supplements like this one with your doctor, though. Herbal supplements are not subject to approval by the Food and Drug Administration and can interact with other medicines you take, whether they are ones you take every day or only as needed. Make sure to discuss your concerns with your doctor and see what his thoughts are about adding supplements. If your doctor is not a huge fan of herbal options, you may want to seek out a practitioner that is better versed in alternative therapies if they are important to you.

Seek Options Outside of Western Medicine

Alternative medicine has many options available to help with coping with stress and other mental health challenges. One of the most commonly recommended is meditation and more and more doctors who focus on Western medicine are embracing this relatively simple practice as one that can help you de-stress and support positive mental health status. Other options that can help support good mental health include acupressure, acupuncture and yoga. These practices are not common among Western medicine providers, yet the benefits you can achieve through these practices are wide-ranging. The beauty of meditation and yoga is that they are easily performed in your own home and on your own timetable. You can meditate to start your day off fresh with a clear mind, or mid-day if your workday is too stressful. Even if you simply take a few extra minutes during your break time to close your eyes and picture a serene setting while breathing deeply it can help keep your mindset positive for the coming hours in your stressful work environment.