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Alternative cancer treatments are processes chosen by patients to treat various forms of cancer that are not approved by government agencies or by their doctors. These are sometimes procedures, dietary supplements, exercise, vitamins, herbs, or other ways that are not supported by mainstream medical information due to issues with safety or other problems.

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What are alternative cancer treatments?

Alternative cancer treatments fall into three categories: those meant to be substituted for traditional medical treatments, those meant to be used at the same time as traditional medical treatments, And those used that have been proven by scientific testing to be unsafe or not effective for treating the cancer it was used on.

Even though traditional cancer treatment has come a long way and many more people now live longer than five years after diagnosis, there are still some forms of cancer that have little or no treatments or some people don’t want to use the available treatments due to possible severe side effects. Alternative cancer treatments are touted to have fewer or less serious side effects than traditional medical procedures.

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Why are alternative cancer treatments seen as unsafe?

Alternative cancer treatments are usually deemed unsafe or at least unwise due to the fact they have not been properly tested through scientific trials or they have failed to bring about significant aid in treating the cancer during testing. It is common in alternative cancer treatments that have undergone testing that the tests are not done in a standard way and often are not documented well or have standard dosing or other factors. Plus, many have contradicting results or the results are unclear.

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 Who gets alternative cancer treatments?

Alternative cancer treatments are usually sought after by people who either don’t believe in traditional medicine or those for whom traditional medicine has not been able to help them. They may also be the type of person that prefers forms of care that are holistic, or they are just desperate and may be willing to try anything to get a cure. Unfortunately some people who perceive that they are going to die are willing to do almost anything to keep that from happening and can fall victim to scams and con artists.

Some work out a compromise of sorts and take both alternative cancer treatments and regular ones in the hopes that doing both will double their chances of a cure. They get more peace of mind and also feel more in control of their situations. In some cases, the person’s doctor may actually refer them to some sort of alternative cancer treatments if they have done all they can for them using traditional medical treatments.

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Examples of alternative cancer treatments

Alternative cancer treatments have no solid evidence of whether they work or not. They mostly base their effectiveness on word of mouth from people with experience using them. There are hundreds or more examples of alternative cancer treatments. Some of these include things like megadoses of vitamin C or other dietary substances such as selenium. It also may include supplements such as milk thistle, or flaxseed oil, etc or following certain kinds of diets such as juice fastings, or odd combos like the “grape cure,” which is a diet of only grapes and water.

As you can see, some alternative cancer treatments are seemingly silly, but not necessarily harmful, while others are dangerous. But people who have cancer are likely to be willing to try anything to get rid of this dangerous disease.