While this might be a gross topic to most of the men, women typically know what it is all about and how much of a pain a yeast infection can be. If untreated it can lead to other infections deep inside the woman's female parts and also can be transmitted to their partner during sex.

Remember, I am not a doctor, nor do I claim to be one and if you have never had a yeast infection, are a diabetic or pregnant seek medical help before trying this old wives tale home remedy in which I truly believe in and use myself.

I am a diabetic and take alot of medication and both of these things cause chronic yeast infections, I also have to wear alot of pads like Always or Kotex because I have a bleeding disorder, taking OTC medications like Monistat 7 or the like is not possible for me because it interacts badly with other medication I take, and I can not insert anything into my wooha, I get tired of taking pills because I take so many so I have tried something my grandmother told me years ago.. It is gross- really gross-

First is don't shower for a day or too, wear panties that will not let you breathe.. build up the yeast in your female area. Buy Dannon Yogurt Plain- or any yogurt that plain that has growing active cultures, at the same time buy some you can eat as well. You will also need the thickest, longest over night pads you can find.

After your 2 days of being unshowered and you can not bare the itchiness anymore, at bedtime coat the overnight pad with the plain yogurt. YUP that is right.. coat the pad, place in underwear and sleep like that. Typically by that next morning the yeast infection will be gone, if not do it a second night.

The yogurt you bought to eat should have active cultures also and you should eat them for 3-4 days, also drink plenty of water and cranberry juice, this helps with any other bacteria you may have.

If you feel like the sypmtoms are not better or worse seek medical help and ask for the one pill solution called Diflucan. Typically, after using the one pill the infection is gone in 48 hours. Also, you can buy Monistat cream for the outer itchiness.

Good luck with curing this nasty little infection that ALL women get!