What are the alternatives to a diamond engagement ring? So many people go for this supposed "classic" choice and yet it seems to be more of a safe option than anything else. Women appreciate risk-taking and boldness in a man so it makes a lot of sense to choose something different that she can really show off to her girlfriends.


There are plenty of other gemstones that look great and one of these is the sapphire. The standard sapphire is a deep blue colour but they can also be found in many other colours too such as yellow, pink, purple or they can even be colourless. Trace amounts of different elements are responsible for these different colours.

They need not be cheap either. Like most gemstones, their value depends on their rarity. Some types of natural sapphire such as the Padparadscha sapphire can be found only in a few countries and are extremely rare and thus also highly priced.

Swarovski Crystal Rings

Swarovski are famous the world over for making a range of precisely cut crystal, being a type of glass. From this crystal, many different things can be made, including crystals that can be set into an engagement ring.

Such rings are beautiful and ornate. They rarely consist of a single "stone" but instead they are a collection of several crystals encased in a lattice or similar frame and often of varying colours. There is a wide variety of styles that are available and many of these rings do not look like typical engagement rings.

Compared to other rings, crystal rings are generally less durable and may not last a lifetime, as intended. This is perhaps their only major drawback.


Topaz is another interesting alternative to the classic diamond. In it's pure form it is colourless but it is usually tinted a specific colour due to the impurities within.

One of the most common forms for an engagement ring is a blue tint against white gold. You can expect to pay between $500 and $1,000 for such a ring. As with many rings that don't feature a diamond as the central piece, you can often find several diamonds around the main stone and/or around the wedding band. In this way, it still features what some people regard as an essential part of any engagement ring: diamond.

Diamonds Are Forever

Even in today's world where feminism has risen and women demand equal rights, nearly all of them still want a diamond in an engagement ring - a symbol that their man can provide for them and a show of their "wealthy catch" to other women (even if it is funded by debt!).

Unless your partner has expressed otherwise, it is still generally a good idea to choose a diamond as the main stone for her ring. Only if she has expressly communicated otherwise to you should you consider one of the alternatives. Otherwise, she is likely to be disappointed. This may sound unfair but these are the simple facts of life!