Who Says You Need A Tree To Celebrate Chirstmas?

These easy solutions are perfect for those without the space or even the desire for a regular Christmas Tree.

If you don't have the space or just want something a little different this Holiday season, check out some of these Alternatives To Traditional Christmas Trees. I've included a whole handful of ideas, and surely one of them will fit your needs. But on the off chance that my list still doesn't satisfy your seasonal desires, it should get your creative juices flowing for your own version of a non-traditional Christmas Tree.

As you'll notice, some of these suggestions are geared towards those who would like a traditional tree but either don't have the space or are facing a lack of tree lots in their area. Others are directed towards those who simply want to try something completely different. Regardless of where you fall, I'm sure you'll find something useful. So let's get started:

A Miniature Christmas Tree

Fake or real, you should be able to find a miniature version of the much bigger standard Christmas tree at any department store or tree lot. While I realize this isn't exactly "out of the box" thinking, it's often the perfect choice for those who don't have room for the full size version, either because their living space is too small (such as a tiny apartment) or a variety of other reasons.

The good news is that the fake version of these mini trees usually cost less than $50 during the Holiday season, but if you do a little after-Christmas shopping you should be able to pick one up for less than $20. And if you prefer a real, live plant: Ask your local supplier if they have anything in a smaller size. If they don't, ask if they could cut the top part off of a sickly or unsellable large tree. Or you could always bring in a shrub from outside...

Lampshade Christmas Tree

Sure, anybody and their dog can have a big, full, brightly-decorated tree in their living room, but how many people can say they've got a decked out Christmas Lamp? Not many! If you're looking for something practical, cheap and different, this is a great way to go. The exact kind of lamp is entirely up to you, though I personally like those that use big, wide lampshades, that way I can deck the halls (or should I say shade) with all sorts of lights and ornaments.

If you treat the lamp like you would a tree, you'll be surprised at how awesome a lampshade Christmas tree can be. Put it in your front window and be ready to catch the attention of the entire neighborhood.

Hat Rack Christmas Tree

This is a trick that was made famous by George Costanza's father in the old Seinfeld TV show, though he celebrated "Festivus" instead. But the concept is the same: Get a full size hat rack and deck it out. Most hat racks are completely free standing, so you should be able to set it up anywhere you like.

On a side note, I'd highly recommend putting more effort into decorating it than George's father did. His was really sparse... in fact, I don't think there were any decorations on it at all.

A Christmas Cactus... Or Any Other House Plant

Who says you need an actual tree this Christmas? Why not decorate one of the houseplants you've got laying around the house. If you don't have one, buy one; they are available at pretty much any grocery or department store, and depending on the plant species you purchase, you should be able to spend less than $15, including the pot!

There is no limit to the type of plant you use. But if you really want to get bizarre, try a cactus. You'll probably be the only person within miles to have an actual Christmas Cactus! If that's too extreme, consider the actual "Christmas Cactus" house plant - despite it's name it isn't a real cactus, and they always seem to bloom right around this time of year.

Cat Scratcher Christmas Tree

Got a cat? Why not use his or her play toys to enhance your Holiday season. Cat scratchers are great for decorating because they are durable and you won't hurt them by tacking lights or other ornaments into them (I'd highly recommend against directly tacking anything into a living plant, like the ones I mentioned earlier).

Be prepared for you cat to drag everything around the house, though. In fact, this is probably a better idea for non cat owners. The good news is that cat scratchers are very cheap if you shop at a discount store like Wal-Mart (I've seen cheap ones there for less than $10). Otherwise you're looking at three times that at a dedicated pet supply store (they are notoriously spendy, so consider yourself warned).

Paint A Christmas Tree On Your Wall

Want to get really crazy? Why not break out the arts and craft supplies and paint a tree on one of your walls? Sure you'll have to repaint the wall once Christmas is over (or use paint that comes off... I've never seen such a thing, but I'm sure it's out there somewhere...), but what an awesome alternative way to celebrate: in 2D!

Feel free to paint in the lights and ornaments, or even tack real ones up against your prized artwork. There really are no rules here, once you've gone this abstract, you can pretty much do whatever you want!

In Conclusion

Forget the standard way of doing things, with these easy and inexpensive alternatives to traditional Christmas trees, you Holiday season will be full of happiness, cheer and creativity!