There are many great alternatives to sending flowers

Alternatives to sending flowers might include more unique and innovated ways to let someone know that you’re thinking of them. There might be several occasions when you might want to send flowers to someone. People often send flowers for a variety of reasons. Someone may send a floral arrangement to a family grieving the loss of a loved one. Its common practice to send a “get well soon” bouquet to the hospital room of someone recovering from an illness or surgery. Sending flowers is also a congratulatory gesture to celebrate a job promotion or the birth of child. A Flower arrangement is may also serve as a “get of jail free card” for a husband who finds himself in hot water with his wife. Years ago there weren’t as many alternatives to sending flowers as there are today but there might be better options available.


Why You Shouldn’t Send Flowers


Prohibited. Sometimes sending flowers isn’t always the best option, especially if you sending a bouquet of flowers to someone in the hospital. If your intended recipient is in ICU or a critical care unit the delivery of flowers might be prohibited. Similarly, people recovering from certain procedures or illnesses might not be allowed to have live flowers in their hospital room. Alternatives to sending flowers to people in these situations would be a greatly appreciated gesture.


Allergies. Another thing to consider is that some people have allergies to certain live plants and flowers. Since the point of sending an arrangement is to make a person feel better this isn’t always the best choice.


Cost. The purchase and delivery of a floral arrangement can be costly. You might want to consider alternatives to sending flowers that are less expensive. There might be other gestures that cost less and are more beneficial to your attended recipient.


Alternative #1 – Send an Edible gift instead


There are several fun and edible types of arrangements that you can send to someone.


A cookie bouquet is a fun thing to send to someone who you want to congratulate. Cookie bouquets are great to send to kids as they would probably appreciate cookies much more than they would flowers. A simple internet search will direct you to local places that make and/or deliver cookie bouquets. Chain stores like Mrs. Fields specialize in things like this which are also available via the internet.


Other edible gifts include a fruit basket from the company Fresh Fruit Bouquet or a chocolate covered fruit basket from the company Edible Arrangements. If  you want to send something to someone who is health conscience or recovering from an illness a fruit basket is the perfect gift.


Alternative #2 – Money can be Donated to Charity


Instead of spending money on a flower arrangement that won’t last long you could opt ot use the amount of money that you would have spent and donate it to your favorite charity in the name of your attended recipient. This is a great option for adults and for people who you know have probably already received one or more arrangements for the same occasion. Donating money to charity is a great gesture. Not only does it show that you are thinking of that person, but it also shows that you are thinking of others and your dollars will go to helping someone else in need.


Alternatives to sending flowers might save you some money while brightening someone else’s day. Sending flowers is a great gesture of love and support but sometimes there might be better options. Other types of arrangements and donating money to charity are great alternatives to sending flowers.