If you have been pondering the merits of having a facelift and have seen online some of the amazing before and after photos of women who have had mini facelift surgery, you will already have some idea how effective the procedure can be.

If you are showing the first signs of aging and have a jowly look caused by sagging loose skin then a mini facelift may be your best option. However, if you have superficial skin imperfections or fine lines and wrinkles in the face then there are other alternatives to this procedure that you may want to research or investigate. For example microdermabrasion is an easy non-invasive procedure that has the effect of revitalizing tired skin so that it looks younger and smoother. This painless skin resurfacing procedure does not require anesthesia and is more cost effective and less invasive than cosmetic surgery.

What needs to be considered is whether you would be a suitable candidate for microdermabrasian because although it can smooth superficial acne scars and fine lines, it is ineffective on very deep skin imperfections. There are also revolutionary lasers now being used in some clinics that are non-invasive and can effectively reduce crows feet and fine wrinkles on the face.
It is therefore important to think how you want to turn the clock back and how it can be effectively accomplished. Although very little can be done (outside facelift surgery) to correct and tighten saggy loose skin on the face, there are other alternatives that can be considered if you have fine lines forming on your brow or around your eyes.

For example, consumers are spoilt for choice with the amount of different night and day face cremes, skin lotions and sprays that are now available on shop shelves and thorough online sales outlets. Many of these products have been especially formulated by manufacturers to help soften fine facial lines with some being paraben free and containing natural ingredients.

Another non-surgical method that has rapidly gained popularity because of the instantaneous result of softening deep crease lines in the face is the use of fillers or botox. However, although the injection of botox into the desired area can be very effective, it is expensive and only a temporary solution.
This article is designed for information purposes only and is not meant as medical advice, which should be obtained through a consultation with your medical practitioner or specialist.