How Does Donating An Animal To A Needy Family Work?

Is Heifer International worth donating through?  Will they give a sheep, goat, cow or ox to a family in need?  If you have seen the Heifer International commercial with our lovable Food Network food scientist, Alton Brown, then you are wondering how donating an animal to a needy family works.  Basically, you donate money to a company like Heifer International and they make sure the goats, sheep, oxen and cows get to the family that needs them.  There are families all across the world that need animal donation for food, clothing and also a form of bringing in extra money for their families.

Heifer international's animal donation program is similar to Donating a Goat For Christmas, only in both cases, you can donate every day of the year.  Christmas just happens to be the time when most people feel like giving. However, the cause is the same.  All over the globe, not just in third world countries, people are hungry, poor and starving from malnutrition.  Giving them animals instead of sending them food, is like sending them seeds to plant instead of just sending them a bag of beans.  The old saying "teach a man to fish and he'll eat for a lifetime," is what this principle is based on.

Heifer International, Oxfam America, World Vision and Christian Aid, all do the same thing.  They use the money you donate to buy livestock (sheep, goat, cow, chicken, etc) and give to needy families across the globe. These families can then use these animals to provide milk, meat, eggs and clothing.  If a family has more than one animal, a male and a female, they could potentially have a good family business to help the provide financially for their family.

Heifer International: Donate A Goat to charityCredit: images)

Heifer International: Donate A Cow to charityCredit: images)

Heifer International may have a wider range of families that they give to-they may have a farther global reach than the rest of the charities that donate animals to needy families, but they all basically work the same.  You go to their website, choose what you want to donate, pay the money and  the animal gets on the way.  Companies like Heifer International and Oxfam America usually have ground workers who are working within the communities they donate to, so they know how the animals are being used.

Heifer International offers a trusted option for those who want to donate a goat, sheep, cow, ox or chicken to needy families but are just not sure who they can trust with their money. Other well known names who you should be able to trust are Oxfam and Christian Aid.  If ever you have any doubts about the validity of these programs, you can contact the IRS to see if they are approved for tax deduction status, meaning if you can deduct your donation from your taxes.  The IRS should be the most trust worthy place to get this information.  You can also try visiting your local library who should have a list of legitimate charities to donate an animal or even donate a car/vehicle to help those in need.

Through Heifer International and other organizations that donate animals, people all across the world can donated much needed food and animals to others from different parts of the world.  Before you make a donation, always research the company, starting with visiting their website and then calling the IRS.  I wouldn't suggest the Better Business Bureau because information from them is not always reliable, but the library or the IRS should be able to point you in the right direction.