Aluminum patio awnings have long been the more popular type of awnings, being widely used on both business and residential applications throughout the world. In offering better durability and flexibility in style, mechanism and maintenance, it offers a longer standing service in protecting the patio area against the harsh effects of constant exposure to heat and sunlight. Without these aluminum shields, your patio furniture, tiles or concrete floor will be left to the mercy of the brutal sun. Not only that, having nothing to prevent radiating heat from baking your patio area will limit your well-deserved patio lounge time with your family and house guests.

What does an Aluminum Patio Awning do for you?

Shielding sunlight and UV rays is a serious business for every aluminum patio awning. In effect, it extends the life of your furniture as well as other patio treatments. As you enjoy early mornings or late afternoons sitting by your patio enjoying the beauty of your backyard garden, it protects your skin from the harmful effects of sun exposure. Aluminum is a more resilient material, which gives it better properties to deflect heat and keep the area underneath it cool. This great material also ensures long-term service, making it usable for well over 40 years.


There are 3 general types of aluminum awnings, the ventilated, closed top and the horizontal design. A ventilated aluminum awning is given double construction that typically includes a bottom layer of aluminum slats. The slats are fixed in distances that allow ventilation and soft diffused light to pass through without compromising weather protection. Because of the spacing of its slats, this type of awning can easily be built to the exact fit your patio area.

Closed top aluminum awnings usually go for the waterfall design, built for greater resistance to elements such as rain, snow or hail. It is available in a variety of designs and colors that will sure complement your home's paintjob color scheme.

Lastly, the horizontal aluminum awnings use horizontal slats to give your patio area the protection and coolness that it needs to give you more patio lounge time privileges.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Aluminum awnings are great for reducing direct sunlight and optimizing your home's curb appeal. Compared to any other awning material, aluminum is rather more flexible when it comes to custom fitting. Unlike other materials, aluminum awnings needed to be custom fitted so it will not cram up your patio space. Lastly, the material is more reliable in relieving you of the usual annoyances of wind, sunlight, debris, rain and snow.

Buying Tips

Aluminum awnings are usually made to the inch. This means that you need to measure the size of aluminum patio awning to install in your home. The quality and durability of aluminum awnings are reflected on its price. It is usually expensive, costing from $600 to more than $2,000 depending on the size and awning design it acquires. But while it is expensive, better deals can be sought at various websites featuring home awning kits, products, packages and installation. This should make it easier for you to decide which type of aluminum awning to invest on.