We have recently converted an old storage cupboard into a brand new shower room for a small space. This is an extra addition to the house because we have created a studio apartment from one of the old bedrooms. My parents are living in a house that is now far too big for them. The rooms were empty and were getting filled with clutter. We learned the hard way that you should always try and buy standard shower units when putting together a new bathroom.

How to make a shower room leads to a brand new studio apartment because we decided to use the available space to make some extra money each month. This was a great success. The old bedroom is now a combination of a bedroom come living area with a futon sofa bed. We have had kitchen units placed along one side of the room, including a sink with mixer taps, a small fridge and a little combination oven and hob.

Everything went really well but we did have a little drama concerning shower cubicles for the shower room. After we measured everything carefully, we found that we had to extend the cupboard a few inches in order to accommodate the bathroom suite which consisted of a toilet with cistern, a small sink and a fully enclosed shower with a glass door.

We did all our checks on the internet, looked at the sizes and were ready to buy. Then came the big shocker. Our builder had confirmed what the dimensions for everything was and we all agreed that we would buy a compact bathroom suite. No problem. However even though many companies say they offer compact bathroom suites, this was not the case. We found that the dimensions we wanted was considered specialised. We the found out that in the building trade the term "specialised" seemed to translate into "expensive" and "more expensive". All those lovely 50% off bathroom suite offers that we had diligently collected together disappeared into a puff of smoke as soon as we mentioned the sizes that we needed.

Everything was available but it cost one and a half or two times as much money. As we had already marked out the shower room, we couldn't really alter the plans so we ended up forgetting all about the bargain offers and paid out more money that we had intended.

The shower room looks fantastic. Everything fits perfectly together so we are pleased with the outcome.

The moral of this little story is always buy standard shower units for bathrooms when creating a brand new studio apartment or even if you are just limiting your work to a new additional bathroom. Standard shower room suites are much cheaper. This way you will have a lot more choice and save a lot more money. You could even pick up a bargain.

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