Scrapping Metals - Income That Doesn't Finance Foreign Wars.

Scrapping metals seems to me to be common sense.  There is never a good reason to throw away metals.  All metals are potential scrap metal - it's only a matter of accumulation and sales.  The benefits of scrapping metals are many.  First and foremost - we can all make some money doing it while at the same time NOT paying income tax on small scrap metal sales.

America and Americans are so very wasteful.  People fear that someone else is going to get what all they need for basic food and shelter without having to work for it - and so they are determined that it's better for us all to be poor instead.  Modern America is so much political distraction - the mass media has  done a profound job of lulling everyone into finger pointing and the delusion that our two party paradigm is something more than entertainment for fools.

Have you ever thought about the tremendous amount of actual wealth that fills America's landfills?  It would be impossible to determine or estimate just how much copper wire, older aluminum wire, aluminum cans; and any other metals that could be simply buried here in America.  Despite the health risks involved.  I'm convinced that before we go too much further towards our Greatest Depression - people will be digging for metals in land fills.  Just give me a tyvek suite and a shotgun - I'd go right to it, and load up who knows how many thousands of pounds of empty aluminum cans alone.

Burned out coffee pots, old computers, broken ceiling fans, busted microwaves, box fans, blenders, hair dryers, refrigerators, washing machines, clothes dryers, dish washers - the list is endless, and all of these things have lots of copper wire both inside them and outside them with their electrical cords.  People throw that stuff away as if it were trash.  Americans became so lazy that they have also become so stupid as to pay someone to haul off things that equate money.  There's really no sense in crying for fools and their foolishness.  I want to capitalize on it.  I think that you should do so as well.  After all, there are more people to dumb and lazy to scrap metals than there are people with any degree of common sense and the willingness to help themselves with what others discard.


Even Precious metals are thrown into garbage in dumbed down America.  Old computers have gold plated prongs all over their motherboards.  Cell phones and cell phone batteries also have gold plated electrical connections.  I've no time anymore for wastefulness.  There's one positive thing about the hijacking of America's economy - perhaps more and more "common persons" will understand that they've lost what they thought was theirs too keep, and will become more and more cognizant of the actual wealth that is still around them, just sitting there, or in the garbage.

American Landfill

How Many Pounds Of Aluminum Cans Are There?

Scrapping Metals Is EASY

It's beyond simple to start scraping metals and making tax free income from them.  All one needs for cans is to start picking them up, or throwing them into a specific bin for them.  I sack them up in the little plastic sacs that I buy them in - my beer and sodas come in such sacks, as do all my groceries.  I then tend to put them into a larger trash sack, a big black one.  I don't have a truck at the moment, and so I do not want soured beer or soda, and the bad smells that come from those cans, leaking smelly fluids into the trunk of anyone's car.  I crush the cans with my foot, and pack them into the sacks tighter that way.  I do not waste space, sacks, or cans.  I make tax free income from them, and everyone else should too.

Listen - I know you aren't dumb.  If you are reading my articles I've got assurance that we're "on the same page" in more ways than one.  All you need are some decent wire cutters, wire strippers, and a couple different sizes of both flat head and Philips head screw drivers, and maybe a five sixteenth and a quarter inch nut driver - and you've got the tools that you need to harvest the copper wiring from any and every dead appliance that you either own, or happen into.  Take a moment and grab the wire off of those things.  If you don't have the time to open one up and take the internal wires, cut the cord off, and bag it up.  Copper is generally in the neighborhood of three dollars per pound - without the insulation.

It's understandable if you do not have the time or inclination to strip off the insulation from copper wiring.  I have no such inclinations either.  I burn the stuff in a burn barrel, and I'll do it at night if need be for some stupid burn ban that's been inflicted on us from the drought.  If you go about your business with a bit of thought - you can always accomplish what you desire.  I understand that if you live in the city that this may not be possible for you to do, you'll have to understand, however, that the scrap yards WILL be burning the insulation off of the wire, and that you will be paid less for your copper or aluminum wire for it having it's insulation on it.

Scrap Metals Are In All Dead Appliances

Recover Scrap Metals From Old Appliances

Tin and Iron

realistically I can't expect that many people will take the time to accumulate and scrap tin and iron.  Both tin and iron are going UP in prices paid at scrap yards, but those metals are still only worth about five dollars for every hundred pounds.  Still, tin and iron are worth keeping and selling if you have a place to stick the stuff until you are ready to transport and sell it, but generally only if you have a pick up truck or a trailer with which to haul it off with.  Who knows though - perhaps the prices for those two very common scrap metals will continue to go up, and make them more worth our whiles.

Brass and Stainless Steel

Brass and Stainless Steel are also very valuable metals for scrap.

Brass and Stainless Steel

Other tremendous metals to always keep, salvage, and scrap for dollars are both brass and stainless steel.  It is at this point that I should point out to you that all truly worthy metals for scraping are NOT attracted to a magnet.  Keep a magnet with you, or around the house - and you can always tell that something is worth keeping if a magnet does NOT stick to it.  Tin and Iron are metals that a magnet WILL stick to, and that is how you know that they are not worth much.

Gold, silver, copper, brass - these are metals that a magnet will NOT stick to.  Stainless steel is the exception to the rule concerning magnets and good metals for sales at scrap yards.  Stainless steel does, in fact, attract a magnet - but it has noticeably LESS magnetic pull than other metals, and it's typically obvious to most people already when they are looking at stainless steel.


In conclusion here I'd like to state that I hope that this has been valuable to someone.  Scrap metals are good income that you don't have to report to the IRS, an organization that is not associated with the government of the United States of America, and who also funds the murder and rape of persons over seas who are not a threat to we Americans, and never wanted or deserved our derision.