My Recent Squidoo Experience

I have been asked about tips to make articles on Squidoo more successful.  My idea of successful is more traffic and comments leading to better ranking and income. 

After 7 months, I have 50 lenses, some are very new.   I am happy with sales so far, considering my first sale was about 6-8 weeks ago.  I am a new Super 25 Giant Squid and month old Squid Angel.  I had one lens make a sale of 2 items after 48 hours!

I am still learning Squidoo and don't know half the tools that are out there, but these are definitely working for me so I want to share them. In the bibliography, there is a link at the bottom to a very helpful long article that helped me.  It has details on actual earnings and how the pay structure works and what you can expect to get paid. 

You can fix up existing articles or give a new article a good chance at earning well by faithfully doing these steps.  Producing the words in an article is not a strength of mine and there are times when it flows and other times it does not.  I am becoming more efficient in my approach and hope to get better revenue per article and not have to write as many lenses.  

Lots of Google traffic and a high page rank on Squidoo means more money.  That is what you are aiming for and  you want people to leave your page to go to Amazon.

My Early Experiences on Squidoo

I have been on Squidoo for 7 months and actually removed an article from there 4 months ago, I was so fed up with earning nothing or very close to it.  I was all set to give up then I decided to start a Zazzle store 3 months ago.  Squidoo has Zazzle modules for easy promotion of products there, so I thought I'd give it one last try.  Note: you don't get paid for Zazzle referrals on Squidoo, but you do get paid for Cafepress and many others.

Part of my early lack of success was good quality niche informational articles with very little promotion.  I had done some keyword research but all by hand, with very basic tools.  I have better tools now, and love using Stealth and excel.  It is basic and simple and I am figuring out good ratios to do within the spreadsheets, while thinking about the commonsense of the searches.  I can trust it and am starting to trust my gut. I think choosing keywords is a science and an art.

Squidoo Specific Tips to Make More Successful Articles

These are the things I think have made the most difference in a short time!

  1. Do your keyword homework, great keywords are the key alongside good helpful content that is nicely presented.  Do all the usual on page optimization.  There are many Infobarrel members out there with a better understanding and tips on choosing keywords and great titles.  There are some great articles and threads on the infobarrel forum.  The keyword is the single most important step.  Your article needs to be seen by traffic.
  2. Fill in all 40 tags if you can with relevant using the free Squid utils program you can download on Squidoo - it will suggest them once you start filling a few in, saving your time.  Pick the most relevent ones that have a  green background.  A green background behind the tag word means your lens will more likely be shown as a related article as the amount of green is a reflection of how many other lenses use that tag.  Better tags means your lens will be found on squidoo and will increase you traffic, comments, squidlikes which in turn increase your lens rank and earnings

  3. Make sure you add the Lens Love Widget to every article - It means readers do not  have to scroll all the way up to the top to give a thumbs up and I have had lots more since I added it.  Squidlikes carry a lot of weight and an article ranked at 200,000 can easily jump to 100,000 next day after one squidlike.  Once you get above approximately lens rank 85,000 your article should start to earn "background money" from the advertizing pool.  Below that it's zero unless you sell something through Amazon or Ebay.  That is also less likely due to the lower traffic.

  4. Turn the "Table of Contents" buttons on - done by the tabs when editing the introductory paragraph on to  In Google Analytics On Page Beta, I saw people had been clicking on them.  Squidoo says they increase readership and clicks and I have not reason to doubt them.   

  5. Choose relevant related lenses, yours and/or other lens masters.  This is also accessed from the introductory paragraph edit tab.  When done with an especially high traffic article, you can spread the wealth a little and people do click through these as there is a good sized thumbnail.  I am sure it helps with on page SEO too.

  6. Use the My Lenses Module - It will start by listing all your lenses but you can get it to just list related ones by entering a common tag.  It will add new lenses to the list as you publish, so saves adding new links manually.  I use it down near the bottom either before the comments or before the Amazon search.

  7. Always make the very last module the Amazon search - people shop after reading lenses.  I have no ego about whether someone buys the exact thing I recommend or goes browsing for boxers shorts, plumbers tape or laundry hampers, I get paid either way.  The very first week I implemented these on a couple of lenses, I had 2 sales on 2 separate lenses, 2 days in a row!  I immediately kicked myself for not doing it sooner, and added it to all my articles.  Even if your article is not really commercial or product oriented put a related search in at the bottom. 

  8. Launch your article properly - use squid utils to Ping your lens when done, and use Submitstart to send it to Bing, and a ton of other sites.  By launching properly (which I never used to do) the rank of that lens jumps up the next morning, and will be even easier to find on the site, further increasing ranking.  Squidoo is a huge site so don't negate the value of other writers and users for buying, I have read they will often buy from lenses and there is no disqualification for that.

  9. Join in.  Comment and squidlike other articles, be a Squid angel or Giant Squid.  I never really used to do this and think it has had a massive impact on my lens ranks.  I find the navigation on Squidoo a little clumsy and I haven't mastered it, I still haven't shown my face in the forum, as I am not certain where it is.  But make the effort with commenting.  I use the search to look for things I am interested in reading about.  Once I leveled up so I was eligible to become a SquidAngel, I applied and was accepted.  Wee are supposed to bless at least one lens each day.  So I did that and the comments, likes and blessings on my lenses has snowballed.  Apply to be a Giant Squid when you can.  You get to save templates that save you so much time.  I just got accepted and I haven't even seen all the bonuses and Giant squid insider tips but love the templates already, they save you a lot of time!

  10. Listen to Squidoo HQ when they give tips for articles they want.  Like IB, I think you have a greater chance of being featured as Lens of the Day.  Around the time I started to be a Squid Angel, I noticed the quests more, some are silly, but some just involved reading lenses on how to write a good review, or a list of ideas from Squidoo's analytics.  They tell you what people are looking for!  The articles I have written in the past two weeks based on those tips have had more traffic in a day than some of my early articles get in a week or month.

Action Steps

  1. Join Squidoo, fill out your bio and put an avatar picture in
  2. Add the above favorite modules to your favorites, it will save a lot of time
  3. Download the Squid utils program - it is indispensable
  4. Comment, squidlike and visit other lenses.  You will get to know other writers and also you will get a high percentage or return squidlikes which will bump up your page rank and advertising income.
  5. Join twitter and or facebook - I recently joined twitter and feel it has helped me promote quicker, more effectively and more easily and it's fun too.

There are some excellent articles on earning on Make Money Flipping HousesCredit: Printshop deluxeSquidoo. The reference page was the turning point for me!  Learn how you get paid and an idea of what you will get paid too.

So write, read, comment and promote.  Same as anywhere.  I hope these specific suggestions help you earn more money on Squidoo!

Remember there is a critical mass or momentum you reach that seems to allow things to take off in a good way on Squidoo.  Sales, squidlikes/blessing,  click outs and views all affect lens rank.  Some bring money in on their own, then they raise the adpool payout which is lens rank dependant too.  So success breeds success.

This is my earnings report for December 2011 and January 2012 and gives you an idea of what I am earning doing these things.  Before that, I was lucky to earn 50 cents a month.