Alyssa Milano's Touch Womens NFL Clothing Line

Alyssa Milano

What is Alyssa Milano's Touch Womens Clothing Line All About?

The actress Alyssa Milano once visited a sports clothing boutique and was upset to learn that none of the authentic sports apparel inside was made to fit a woman's body. Displeased that there were no major brand lines of sports clothing that could accommodate a woman's unique figure, Alyssa decided to take matters into her own hands. Thus, the Alyssa Milano Touch clothing line of sports apparel was born, with the purpose of introducing female football fans everywhere to authentic sports clothes that would accent their bodies and be comfortable to wear in support of their home football teams.

Alyssa Milano's Touch line shares a lot of similarities with other official womens NFL brand lines. For one thing, you'll find authentic team logo embroidery and team colors on the womens garments, so they can be worn with confidence and pride. You'll also find that they're made of high quality materials and that they feature heavy duty stitching to ensure a long lifetime of service and high durability.

Types of Womens NFL Clothing Available

The other reason that Alyssa Milano's Touch line of women's NFL gear is so popular is its variety. You'll not only find t-shirts and sweaters but also sporty womens NFL jackets. All of these garments feature the official team logo, embroidered with high quality stitching and with the official colors of each football teams theme.

This line of womens NFL clothing also features sporty long sleeved cotton baby-doll shirts with the official team logos and colors, as well. These long sleeved womens NFL shirts are perfect for light spring days or for wearing as one layer underneath heavier winter clothing when the temperature drops during fall and winter football games.

Impressively enough, the Alyssa Milano Touch line of womens NFL gear is not only limited to clothing. In fact, this womens sports gear line also features accessories such as NFL themed jewelry. For example, you can get your hands on one of these sterling silver Bengals heart shaped pendant for completing your outfit when you're heading out to a big football game and you want to look your best. 

Alyssa Milano Touch Pendant Necklace

This line of womens sports gear features such pendants for every team, with their logo and colors in the center of the silver bordered heart pendant. If you know a female football fan that loves collecting jewelry, or simply does not have any football themed accessories, these necklaces make a perfect gift since they're inexpensive, sports themed, and yet still elegant.

The Touch lines of womens NFL gear also has some fantastic deals on matching earrings that are similar to the overall design of these football themed pendant necklaces. Each earring is heart shaped and also has your favorite football team's logo and colors centered inside. This makes them the perfect compliment to your game day outfit.

With more and more female football fans being recognized by companies that manufacture and distribute official NFL themed goods, we are likely to see an increasing number of womens football fan product lines emerging in the months and years to come.