Organic Amalaki

For many years, health gurus thought that apples were the secret to good health. This is true on some level. Apples offer vitamin C and other vitamins that help your immune system. However, if you want perfect health, there is a fruit that is even more powerful. It is called the Amalaki.

Found in Asia, the Amalaki has been grown for many centuries. Here recently, it has been distributed as a commercial crop. People now consume it for medicinal purposes.

In terms of how the fruit is served, it is used in its entirety and dried. When it is consumed, it gives you far more than what an apple can. You get Vitamin C and antioxidants.

The Amalaki is also known for its anti-inflammatory properties. If it is applied to the skin, it offers anti-fungal relief.

If you have cancer, you may also benefit from the Amalaki. Research has shown that the Amalaki actually reduces the size of the cancer cell. If the fruit is consumed before radiation, it will create a protective shield around the body’s chromosomes.

Additional studies on rabbits show that the Amalaki reduced the amount of cholesterol in the animals’ blood. This was done within a timeframe of 60 days. For humans, this means the whole cardiovascular system would benefit from the Amalaki.

Even the stomach benefits from Amalaki. In another study, the fruit reduced the inflammation people get when they contract digestive diseases.

Like other powerful antioxidants, Amalaki gives your immune system a serious boost. The lifespan of the mouse actually increased by 25 percent after consuming this fruit.

As for warnings, none have been issued for the Amalaki. It has been used in India for many centuries as it is well known for its benefits. The conditions it helps treat range from constipation to even mental illness.

Westerners can get the Amalaki in powder or pills. If you take it as a powder, you will have to drink it as a tea to get the best health benefits. Conversely, if you decide to take it as a pill, you will not have to put it in water or anything else. Granted, the pill is not the most enjoyable method of consumption, but through it you can consume the Amalaki in larger quantities.

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