Enter a world of exclusivity and carefree living as you head down to Amanpulo Palawan, located in the private island of Pamalican among the Quiniluban group of Cuyo Islands. Pamalican is just one of the thousand islands in the province of Palawan, where coral reefs are bustling with marine wildlife and the earth is rich with lush greens and tropical plants and flowers. More than just a refreshing environment to dwell in, Amanpulo Palawan also offers scenic views of the sunrise and sunset amidst cobalt blue dawn and dusk waters that surround the white sand beaches.

Find tranquility in the island's alluring atmosphere and comfortable spaces, as Amanpulo Palawan offers as much as 40 65-square-meter bungalows humbly called casitas, modeled after the traditional Philippine bahay kubo or native hut. These fully furnished gems match the beauty of the outdoors with its impressive interiors especially designed for your comfort. With pebble-washed walls, coconut-shell and seashell tables and rattan furniture that match the sun-kissed shades of caramel that decorate each room, you will surely want your own home to be as pleasant as the Amanpulo Palawan's casitas. More than just comfort, the casitas bring you wide open spaces and breezy decks for you to enjoy the afternoon and watch the sunset. You'll definitely marvel at the beauty of the marble bathrooms with twin vanities, separate changing areas and elegant bathtubs warmly lit by just twin wood windows. 29 of these beautifully designed casitas have their own private path lined by lush green tropical plants leading to the white-sand beach. For those who enjoy living at the top, four treetop casitas are located on higher land, giving a perfect view of the island below. Amanpulo Palawan also offers hillside casitas that feature marvelous views of the sunrise and sunset into the Sulu Sea and a wide array of facilities and services that make your vacation one to remember for the rest of your life.

Amanpulo Palawan features more than just comfortable, high class amenities, as it also caters to the frequent traveler/adventurer at heart. For the hungry taste buds yearning for a culinary escape into the wild, the island offers barbecue and other local cuisine at the Picnic Grove with its purpose-built barbeque pit and tandoori oven. Enjoy light meals and refreshments at the Beach Pavilion and Clubhouse Bar, where terraces are made to enjoy the magnificent view of the ocean day in and day out. For the bookworms, a wi-fi and Internet enabled library is available for your literary exploration. With a wide array of novels in different languages, magazines and books on Philippine art, design and culture, you'll surely enter an unforgettable world as beautiful as Amanpulo Palawan.

As the perfect getaway that caters to your privacy and enjoyment, Amanpulo Palawan also offers exciting activities that will surely rejuvenate your body and soul. Explore the coral reefs below by going scuba diving or snorkeling. Windsurfing, kayaking and sailing are also available for those who want to enjoy the sea above water levels.

Marvel at the beauty and splendor of Amanpulo Palawan, your next secret getaway in the islands of the Philippines.