Sure, you could add real Amaretto...

... but at 28% alcohol by volume, that's not the best habit to get into. Especially if you drink your coffee at work! But what if plain old coffee just doesn't get you excited, and you crave that sweet, almondy flavor and its delicious scent? Luckily, there are plenty of alcohol-free ways to enjoy a cup of amaretto flavored coffee, ranging from creamers to syrups to beans soaked in flavored oils.Coffee(94481)

Amaretto Coffee Creamer

Amaretto Coffee CreamerOne easy way to add amaretto flavor to your coffee is with creamer products from companies like Coffee-Mate or International Delight. This is a tasty, convenient solution that's often readily available from local grocery stores, but what if you want more flavor and less cream... or vice-versa?


Flavored SyrupsFlavored syrups from companies like DaVinci and Torani are another option for feeding your amaretto craving. While these are not as often easy to find locally as the creamer products, they can sometimes be found at grocery stores or specialty shops, or ordered online. They're available in both sugary and sugar-free varieties, the latter sweetened with sucralose in most cases. Unlike with the creamers, you can add as much or as little flavor as you want, independent of how much or what kind of cream you put in.

It's all in the beans!

Coffee Beans(94477)Coffee purists - those of them who drink the flavored variety - will tell you that the best flavored coffee is made by soaking good quality whole beans, still warm from roasting, in flavored oils that imbue the beans with a rich, nuanced taste and smell. I'm not that sophisticated, but I've found that in general I prefer the taste of flavored beans over post-brewing "add ins". There are a vast number of these available, whose flavors vary widely according to the type of bean, the contents of the oil, soaking time, etc, - so it's often a good idea to try a small sized bag from a specific vendor before buying the giant mega pack.

Another advantage of the bean solution is that unlike creamers and some syrups, the flavor oils add no sugar or calories to the coffee - you can enjoy a cup of amaretto java guilt-free!

I prefer to buy whole beans and grind them just before use for the greatest freshness, but pre-ground options abound as well. There are even k-cup varieties for users of popular single-cup brewers.