Credit: Photo by Dan Zen

So you want to impress your friends, but that 'thing' you do with your tongue just isn't cutting it any more? Have no fear, because the next time you are out with your friends you will be equipped with these five sure-fire ways to make sure everybody knows just how smart and talented you are. All of these require very little skill and equipment, so anybody can do them. 

 With each trick I've included a video so you can see the trick performed safely and properly.

1.The Beer Smash

No, this is not the trick where you finish your beer and slam the empty can against your forehead.That trick is fun,but this one will make you look like a genius instead of a drunkard. This maneuver requires only a bottle filled with liquid. I have always done this trick with beer bottles, but it can be done with any glass bottle similar in size and shape.

  1. Fill an empty bottle up until the liquid level is about an inch from the top.
  2. Grasp the battle firmly around the neck, making sure to keep your hand above the fatter part of the bottle. The bottle should be open side up as if you were holding it regularly.
  3. Make your free hand into an open,flat palm. In one swift motion, slam your flat palm onto the opening of your bottle.

If you have followed the steps correctly, the bottom end of the bottle should shatter, expelling the liquid(hopefully you aren't wasting beer!) out of the bottom. 

Please note that since you are breaking glass, use caution when performing this trick. Especially if you have been drinking. The video below shows how to safely and successfully use the Beer Smash trick.

Beer Smash Maneuver

2.Red Bull Liquid Suspension

The Red Bull Liquid Suspension maneuver is one of the easiest yet most unkown tricks in my repertoire. All you need for this one is a can full of red bull. If you don't want to waste any delicious Red Bull, then you can use an empty Red Bull can filled with water. 

  1. Open the Red Bull and be sure to keep the tab intact. If you want, you can pour out a little liquid in the beginning to show that the drink is open and full
  2. Spin the tab around to the opposite side and tuck it in the opening of the can so it is covering as much of the opening as possible
  3. Flip the can upside down. Incredibly, no liquid comes through the opening.
  4. You can stick a thin object through the hole while it is upside down to show your audience that it is still open. Beware though because some liquid will come out when you do this.

The key to this one is the Red Bulls tab design. Watch closely in the video how to properly tuck the tab in the beginning.

Red Bull Liquid Suspension

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3.Instant Beer Freeze

This little trick is all about preparation. All it takes is a beer bottle, clear is preferred so you can see the freezing in action. I believe this trick can also be done with a Coke bottle, but I have only tried it with beer. It is imperative that you do not shake or drop the beer before placing it in the freezer. If there are carbonation bubbles present, it will not work.

  1. A couple hours before your friends come over, place a beer in the freezer.
  2. After about two hours, remove the beer from the freezer. It should be very cold, but still liquid.
  3. Ask your friend if he'd like a cold beer. If he/she says yes, hand him the beer, and offer to 'cheers' him. When you tap your bottles together, his beer should start instantly freezing from top to bottom. 

This trick works because even though the liquid is below the freezing point, it will not begin to freeze until a disturbance has been made to form the first ice crystal. Check out the video below to see the instant freeze, and enjoy your beer slushie  =)


The Instant Freeze

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4.Card Prediction

Whoever came up with this one is a clever card shark. This one has been around for a long time, and uses simple logistics. There's no sleight of hand required, so people of all ages can perform this.All you need is a deck of cards. Here's how to do it:

  1. Shuffle the deck and then pull nine cards from the deck, and place them in three piles of three each.
  2. Have a friend pick a pile. Flip that pile to reveal the bottom card. In the example below, the card is the Two of Diamonds. Flip it back over.
  3. Combine the decks into one. Be sure to place the selected pile on top last, so that the selected card is third from the top.
  4. Spell out the first letter card, placing one card card down for every letter. So you would say 'T',and place a card on the table. Then say 'W' and place the next card on top of the last. 
  5. When you finish a word,you place the remaing cards on top of the pile. Then begin the next word.
  6. 'O' place a card.'F' place a card. Place the remaing card on top of the pile, and continue to the final word.
  7. Place one card for each letter in 'diamonds' as instructed for the last two words. Place the remaining cards on top as before, and then use the same procedure to spell out the word 'magic'
  8. When you get to the final card to place, the 'C', flip that card to reveal it as you place it down. It will be the inital card, the Two of Diamonds, from before. This will work with any card, not just the Two of Diamonds!

It can be hard to understand this one just reading directions, but try doing it along with the video. You will be amazed at how easy but mind-boggling this trick is. My favorite part about it is you can teach it to children to show their friends 



5.Transforming Card

The Card Color Change is a fun magic trick that takes very little skill. If you practice it for about fifteen minutes you should be good enough to fool your friends. All you will need for this one is two playing cards. Take any two of the same card, one red and one black. I like to use the Ace of Spades and Ace of Hearts. I think this trick is best learned visually, so refer to the video below for instructions on how to do the trick. A few tips:

  • The keys to this one are speed and misdirection. If you can get the card switch down fast enough, all it takes is a wave of your hands or a turn of your wrist to conceal your trick.
  • Try slighlty altering your hand placement if you are having trouble getting the front card to switch fast enough
  • This is easier to perform with cheaper card decks that are thin and flimsy



Changing Card Trick

There you have it, five incredibly easy tricks to amaze your friends. If you're having trouble performing any of these tricks, or know a fun trick of your own, let me know in the comments section below!