Julian Beever is an English chalk artist that creates the most amazing 3D optical illusion chalk drawings. He has created these chalk drawings all over the world, on city sidewalks and streets. His drawings have become so famous that is referred to as the "Pavement Picasso." One of the coolest things about Julian's drawings, is how he uses real people to further enhance the illusion of the artwork.

No he is not going to take a dive, his feet are safely planted on the sidewalk.

It looks like a piece of the pavement has been taken out.

His drawings are so incredible that people actually walk around the hole in the pavement.

Dungeon Worldcard in Istanbul.

This is an excellent example of how Beever uses real people to add to the illusion. The girl on top is just resting on the ground in the distance, but you would think she was a tiny person laying on the "world."

It is hard to beleive that he is not even holding a hose at all, the entire thing is chalk. This drawing was so convincing that people in the street intentially avoided the water.

This next one is truely amazing and looks like it is a giant Coke bottle. The realism of this drawing is absolutely incredible.

Julian also does paintings and wall murals and if you would like to see more of Julian Beever's drawings please visit Julian Beever's Website.