Red Laser

Are you always looking for a better deal?   Are you always trying to shop smarter and not harder?   Then this app might be for you. According to Jean Chatzky at AARP magazine, just scan the bar code of an item, and discover the prices from competing stores and online merchants.  This gives you an edge because then you can compare prices and buy the product right then. Now there is no need to physically go to several different stores to see which has the better deal.

Red Lazer appCredit: Jean Chatzky at AARP magazine

Coupon Sherpa

This app is great for those that use coupons.  The good thing about this is that you can browse printable coupons on via the mobile app. Instead of clipping or printing the coupon, just show the coupon on your phone to the cashier and get the savings. Coupon Sherpa makes it so much easier to shop with coupons.

Card apps has a letterpress cards app.  You just take a snapshot of the card and can create your own text and address it to where you want the card sent.  The app is free and each card sent in the United States is $2.99 and $4.99 sent anywhere else.  This includes postage too. 

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Plastic Analyzer Free

With this app you can analyze the kind of plastic you are using.  Just reference the plastic I.D. code found on the plastic items, it will then tell you what you need to know about it.  You can learn what those recycle numbers mean.  This  app is found at

Plastic app analyzerCredit:

Mobilecious Food Truck App

At you can find the Mobilecious food app to find food trucks that are in your area such as Senior Citizens food trucks, hot dogs, or barbecue trucks, and much more.


Mobilecious Food Truck AppCredit:

Nutritional Tips App

This app is found at  it is  for iPhones or your iPads. It is free only for a limited time. If you have concerns about your sugar intake, then this is the app for you.


Nutritional App(122628)Credit:

Vocabulary Video Apps

These apps are ideal for adult learners and English language learners. This app uses video clips and has over 400 entertaining and professional videos.  You will find this app at


My Fitness iPad app

With this app you can record your daily calorie goal and your exercise.  The database has over 2 million foods.  There are over 350 exercises listed also.  This app is found at 

MyFitness Pal Ipad AppCredit: MyFitness Pal

Houzz Interior Design Apps

Are you looking to redesign your interior of the house?  Do you need fresh ideas?  Then this is the app for you?  This app has over 700,000 photos to choose from and you can save them  to a virtual idea book.  This is an iPad or iPhone app. You will find it at

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Page once Money & Bills App

With this app you can pay your bills and see at a glance, bills, cash on hand, bill due dates, get bill reminders,  pay your bills instantly,  and get  new offers.  By the way, do you know what your credit score is?  Well with this app you can even see your credit score at a glance.


Pageonce Money & Bills AppCredit:

Remember the Milk

Do you use a list when grocery shopping?   I definitely do, I make it a point not to go to the store without my list.   Well this phone app will store your list. You can receive reminders and organize your task according to priorities, times, and dates. No need to carry endless paper for your grocery shopping lists.  What a relief. This app is found at


Remember the milk appCredit:

Sketchbook Pro App

 This app is ideal for the artists that are out there.  It is digital art that is available for iPods or iPhones. It includes a variety of pens, markers, brushes, and much more. It allows you to import or export files from Photoshop.   It is amazing to see all the things that you can do with this app.


Xmas Gift List App

This is a free app that you can use to see who you have sent gifts too, who you still need to send gifts too, and the cost of each gift. This is a great way to keep track of your Christmas list. You will find this app at

 Teacher Kit apps:

This app will allow you to organize your students and class.  You will be able to organize student attendants, grades, and their behavior.  This is available in iPhone and iPad.


TeacherKit appCredit:

Dr. Brown’s DTT Color apps

These apps are special designed apps for children with special needs. This color app also comes in different languages which include Chinese, English, French, Spanish, or Norwegian.   Dr. Brown is a psychologist that has designed an app for children that may have attention deficit disorder, autism, or any child that may have trouble focusing.  He has designed several apps such as ABC apps, shapes, words, numbers, and many more apps.  This app is found at

 Android apps for kids

Goldilocks and the three bear’s apps come filled with interactive stories and games. This is free plus in-app cost of $1.99 to unlock the content. Several activities are accessible within the real story. More information about this app is at for childrenCredit:

Negative Nimbus App for children

This app is available for iPhones and iPad.  There are dozens of animated characters. Your child can unlock various levels of achievement during this game.  It  is found at  for only .99.

Negative NimbusCredit:

Mini-tunes app for children

This app is found at for $1.99.   This app is a mixture of  games  for small children.  It comes in different languages including, English, Korean, Japanese, Russian, Spanish, and even more.  This app also includes jungle animals that your children will learn about.   The mini-tunes will include various scenarios in the park, school, farm, jungle, and even at the stop light.  


Mini-Tunes appCredit:

Math Bingo

The math bingo app for children is found at For over a year this apps ranking is a top 50 of the education apps, according to    There are 4 different games, 3 different levels, and children can choose from different avatars. This app includes addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.


math bingoCredit: