Best man toasts to the bride and groom are a great tradition. They can add a lot of fun and personality to any wedding ceremony. Before you head out to give your speech, you'll want to prepare and fine-tune your presentation as best as you can. Here are some tips to get you started.

When you're preparing for the speech, think about the needs of the couple. Would they want you to be funny? Serious? It would be a shame if they have planned on a very elegant ceremony and reception and then you make a mockery of it by telling jokes about them the whole time. This may be perfect for some couples, but not others. Just think about their personalities.

When you're actually giving the speech you'll need to make sure that you are standing up straight and tall. It is a true shame when some best men are so nervous that they stand hunched over. People pick up on body language, and this shows them that you're either not prepared, or not confident in what you're saying. This is a great happy day for your friend, make sure you stand tall and proud!

Another mistake men make when giving best man toasts is not speaking loudly enough. This is especially true if there is no microphone at the reception hall. Think of all the times you've listened to speeches and you could not hear the speaker. Wasn't that annoying? You don't want to make the same mistake when you give your speech. Project your voice and you'll do fine.

Also, many people like to write their beast man toasts on a piece of paper or note cards. This is a great idea, but make sure you don't just read the toast in a monotone voice. Act like you're simply talking in a friendly and upbeat manner. Remember not to read the toast too fast either. There will likely be some elderly guests who need you to speak more slowly.

A terrible mistake that you want to avoid is getting drunk before the toast. It was a great honor for you to be chosen as best man. It would be horrible for you to slur your speech or say something inappropriate while you're in the spotlight. Remember, the things you say will probably be caught on camera! Best man toasts should not be an embarrassing thing for the couple.

Follow those tips and you should be fine whenever you give best man toasts. There are a lot of simple changes you can make that will result in a great speech to the bride and groom that anyone will love. Remember to always honor the bride and groom on their wedding day.

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