Amazing Fenwick Fishing Rods

When it comes to selecting some new gear for your fishing experience, you will be faced with the task of having to sift through many brands, and literally hundreds of models; however, Fenwick fishing rods eliminate this difficulty by simply providing great gear all of the time. This has become a rather large company, and has done a great job at building up their reputation in the time that they have been on the market. The selection of Fenwick fishing rods that you will see throughout this article are definitely their most popular products, and will provide you with the best "bang for your buck" ratio! This article lists and describes the 5 most reputable series' of Fenwick fishing rods, as well as the most popular models within each series; use this information to effectively make an educated decision, and ultimately purchase the model that will leave you with the most satisfaction.

Elite Tech Fenwick Fishing Rods

The Elite Tech series represents the most extensive series of all of the Fenwick fishing rods. They have a very wide selection of lengths and features within each model, and are priced at a range that can be considered as affordable by many individuals. These models would be an optimal choice for anybody that loves going out onto the water to catch the biggest, baddest, and best species that they can potentially find.



Flippin' Stick

Dropshot Stick

Riggin' Stick

Walleye Series Fenwick Fishing Rods

The Walleye series is by far the most diverse series of Fenwick fishing rods that you will encounter. Many of their models are geared towards specific fishing and casting styles, so that you can literally purchase one that is nearly customized to your personal style. The models that are listed below represent roughly the most popular styles, and will definitely serve nearly any fisherman well! You should definitely give the below models a try, and I can guarantee you that you will never want to use another rod every again!

Jigging Spinning

Rigging Spinning

Crankbait Casting

Bottom Bouncer Casting

Trolling Casting

Eagle GT Fenwick Fishing Rods

The Eagle GT series of Fenwick fishing rods are best suited for aggressive individuals that use that same style through their fishing. Some people enjoy casting the line out into the water, and waiting for a catch; whereas, other individuals enjoy casting their line out into the water, and moving their gear around to jig the bait, as well as reeling in the bait before a catch is made. These models are optimally designed for the latter type of fishermen; however, they can be used by anybody!


Spinning 4 Pc

Spinning 2 Pc



HMX Fenwick Fishing Rods

Just like the Eagle GT series, the HMX series of Fenwick fishing rods are best suited for the aggressive fishermen. However, these models serve as the upgraded models of the Eagle GT series that have more features that will increase the performance and functionality of the gear. This not to say that these additional features do not come with additional costs. Choose any of these models if you have some extra money to spend on your gear, and are looking for the "cream of the crop" of the fishing industry.

Great Lakes Spinning

Triggerstik Muskie

Spinning 2 Pc

Salmon/Steelhead Spinning

Flippin' Stick

Fenwick Fishing Rods For Under $100

Everyone will need some new gear at some point in their professional or recreational career; however, not many people want to empty their wallet for Fenwick fishing rods. The below models are priced at well under $100; moreover, they will provide you with the most features, and best quality for the money that you will spend. One should look at these models before they consider the more expensive models because there is a great chance that they will find exactly what they want through these models.

Eagle GT Spinning 2 Pc $59.99

Triggerstik $64.99

Eagle GT Spinning 4 Pc $69.99

Eagle GT Fly $89.99

Eagle GT Spinning $79.99

When the time comes to purchase some new gear you will be faced with the challenge of sorting through the many brands and models that are available; however, Fenwick fishing rods are one of the best choices that you can make. Their offer durable, lightweight, and visually pleasing models that do a great job at catching fish! This article lists the most popular series' and models in regards to this brand. Use this information and knowledge effectively to make the most educated decision, and purchase the product that will leave you with the most satisfaction.