If you are like most people, you may believe that flying ants are a figment of the imagination! Rest assured that they are quite real; however they are limited in the areas they choose to live. Even in places that they do live they are a bit rare and you will need to look carefully to find them. If you go looking you should look in the summer generally as they are not very common in the winter because like all ants they love the heat. Often people do not realize the swarm of small flying creatures buzzing them as they enjoy a summers evening are flying ants.

Like other ants, when you see one you know that many others are very nearby! They also live in the same type of communities and have the same social structures as others in the ant kingdom. The ants that you see flying however are the youngest ants in the colony, as they age they lose their wings and thus lose the ability to fly. Grounded just as we mere mortals are.

You need not worry about getting hurt by a flying ant as they do not bite. At times they are mistaken for a large mosquito, they look similar but rest assured it is not a mosquito and thus you will not get bitten. For some reason flying ants have been associated with termites; people often believe that when you see the flying ants around you will find termites nearby. There is no evidence or proof of this to date though.

Flying ants share the same body construction as there dirt bound brethren, three parts consisting of the head, the abdomen and the thorax. They have four very strong wings. If you look closely you can see that the rear wings are shorter than the front. This is to help them maneuver in windy conditions.

Even though flying ants around your home do not indicate termites, if you see them inside your home you should probably try to catch one to positively identify it. There are some breeds of termites which also have wings plus, ants and termites are often confused as they do look very similar. If you are unable to determine from inspecting the insects that you capture whether you have termites or ants, then you should have a professional exterminator come by and take look for you. If what you have turns out to be termites you need to come up with an immediate plan of attack to get this problem dealt with. Termites can do incredible damage in a very short time. With luck you will find that the insects buzzing around your home are merely flying ants so that you may enjoy watching them flit around your property.